Want to reduce heartburn and your acid reflux? Your diet plays a key role in how severe your acid reflux is and by modifying your diet you can dramatically reduce your acid reflux and even eliminate it completely. Acid reflux is caused by stomach acid splashing up into your esophagus and it's aggravated by the types of food we eat. Out typical western diet makes the occurrence of acid reflux more common and it's the main reason so many people suffer from this disease.

Reducing Heartburn - Skip The Morning Coffee

 Coffee is a drink that can trigger acid reflux and it's best avoided all together if you suffer from this condition. Your morning orange juice is another trigger for the condition. Switch to water and herbal teas in the morning to reduce acid reflux. Green teas, ginger tea, and others can lessen your symptoms of acid reflux. These teas along with water should be consumed during the day. Apples and oatmeal in the morning is a good treatment for acid reflux.

Vegetables and Fruit

 Most Vegetables won't aggravate acid reflux so they can be consumed all day long. Eliminate or reduce tomatoes and onions since these can make reflux worse. Tomato sauce should be avoided on pasta and in other dishes as the acid in the tomatoes is a major contributor to the reflux. Citrus fruits shouldn't be consumed since they trigger acid reflux as well. Consume large quantities of all vegetable salads and don't use an acid style dressing.

Mild Food

 Spicy foods such as jalapenos can trigger bouts of the condition and these should be eliminated or reduced. Foods that are more bland in nature will help the person suffering from the disease. Cream style sauces and those high in sugar can also trigger acid reflux. Cook with fresh herbs and spices and experiment to see which ones don't bother your acid reflux symptoms since it's different for each sufferer of this condition.

Whole Grains

 Whole grain foods such as brown bread, brown rice, and other grains shouldn't pose a problem in the diet for the acid reflux patient. These foods can replace others in the diet that are causing acid reflux such as fried foods.

Poultry and Seafood

 Poultry and seafood can be added to the diet for the acid reflux patient and shouldn't pose much of a problem. Adding heavy sauces such as cream sauce will make the condition worse so these protein sources should be eaten as plain as possible. Low-fat meat is best on this type of acid reducing diet.

Avoid Fatty Foods

 Fried foods such as French fries and anything deep fried can make the condition worse so these should be eliminated in the diet all together. Small amounts of fats can be used such as olive oil and others. Cut fat off of meat and use more seafood and lean-meat poultry products.


 Many beverages such as soda and alcohol can cause reflux disease. Drinking plain water and herbal teas are the best drink choices for those who suffer from reflux. High sugar beverages and those with caffeine can make the condition worse. Water is a good aid for reflux in some people and should be a part of every meal and throughout the day.

Smaller Meals

The way you eat can trigger acid reflux as well. Avoid large and heavy meals and eat smaller ones during the day. Aim for four or five smaller meals during the day and eat your food very slowly. Make note of any foods that seems to trigger your acid reflux and write these down into a book. Eliminate the foods that cause your acid reflux.  

Experiment With Your Diet

 Since reflux can be different for each person it's best to experiment with your food choices and eliminate those foods that cause your disease. A diet that is based upon fresh plain whole foods is best for reducing heartburn and other reflux related conditions. Eat smaller meals and drink plenty of water during the day.