Learn how to make homemade dog food and understand t the formula used to create the healthiest option for your pet.

Pets are very much an investment, but they require more attention than any cash related investment. This investment is one that ties your emotion, personal well being and finances all together. Dogs are not cheap. First you buy one, get shots, dog food, checkups and as they age they will have issues that you need to watch out for and normal yearly maintenance such as a pet license and vaccinations depending on where you live. With so much tied up in your pet if you are like me you want to ensure your dog has the best you can provide for it especially when it comes to dog food. If you learn how to make homemade dog food you can control what your dog consumes and ensure the nutrients it needs are provided.

Now, don't get me wrong there are many great options that you can buy and some brands have become very popular, but now and again you read a news story related to contamination or poison. When this happens going to the pet store to buy your dog food becomes a stressful situation. So why not learn how to make your own dog food just in case. You will always have control of the ingredients and never have to worry again.

The first step in the process to change over your dog from eating store bought food to homemade dog food is to check with your vet first. Like humans, dogs have dietary needs and a lot of factors go into determining what is best for your dog. Age, type of dog, and weight are all considerations when you need to build the right ingredients for a well balanced homemade dog food. In general, dog food should have around forty percent meat, thirty percent vegetables and another thirty percent of starches. This formula than can be tweaked and applied to ensure your selection from each grouping is what your dog prefers from a taste perspective and a health perspective.

As someone who goes to the grocery store at least once a week, I know meat is expensive. I also know you can buy a wide range of quality when it comes to meat. What do you think gets put into commercial dog food? The best quality? I doubt it. Simply having control over the level and quality of what you put into your homemade dog food is reason enough even if it does require more work on your side. Your pet investment I think is worth it.

For your meat options, many people go with grounded turkey or beef. Chicken is also popular and in some cases you see lamb or seafood, such as salmon, used in homemade dog food. Nothing is set in stone. Experiment with a few different types over a period of time and see what your dog prefers. Also keep in mind dogs have food allergies like humans so see if something works but be cautious to how your dog reacts to your homemade dog food.

For your vegetable options, the most popular choice is carrots. Most people have them in the house and it takes little time to cut them up and include them within the homemade dog food mixture. For your starch requirements within the homemade dog food formula rice and potatoes are usually the most common selections as they are again popular to have in the household and take little effort to prepare. Other options include oatmeal or even pasta.

As with any freshly cooked homemade meal, homemade dog food does not last as long as the commercial dog food you are used to buying. Homemade dog food is good for about three days and then should be thrown out and more made up. This is the major drawback of the learning how to make your own homemade dog food, but the end result is a much healthier and happier dog which makes up for the added energy on the owners part.