It goes without saying that one of the most important skills for a basketball player is the ability to jump. If you have always wanted to learn how to jump higher than other players, then it's time to start following a program specifically designed to increase the height of your vertical jump. You could buy special books designed especially for basketball jumping, but most of the information you need is available online at sites like One Great Earth. To put it simply, what you are looking to achieve is to build up the fast-twitch muscles in your legs.



Start A Vertical Jump Program

How To Jump HigherSo how do you start following a program designed to increase your vertical jump? For starters, it's essential to start each workout with warmups targeting your leg muscles. Like any other workout program, you must take the necessary steps to avoid injury . Not only does that mean doing a proper warm-up, it also means stretching the leg muscles gently during your warm-up and again during the cool down.

One example of a good leg muscle exercise is toe-stairs running. First you run up the stairs on your toes, taking only one step at a time. Then you walk back down to recover a bit. Next you run up the stairs again on your toes, this time taking two steps at a time. Then walk back down. To start with, you should tackle only one flight of stairs until you build up enough strength to try two or three flights. You can also gradually build up the number of repetitions as your strength improves.

Other excellent exercises for improving your jumping include double jumps, elevated jumps, and explosive jumps. It is also very helpful to add sprinting to the rest of your workout. Sprints help you to build up the necessary muscle mass that you need for explosive jumps. And finally, don't neglect getting the rest that you need. The gains in your muscle mass happen during the resting phase (which is the time when the muscles repair themselves), not during the actual exercise phase.

It's not difficult to learn how to jump higher for basketball. Just follow a steady program of practicing these leg exercises, and in a few weeks you will definitely notice an increase in your jumping skill! Be patient and don't expect results overnight, though, because like with all exercise programs, it takes time to build up muscle mass and learn new muscle-memory patterns.