Money from Srap Metal

There are lots of different ways to make money with old scrap around your home. It is amazing how much junk and scrap that we hoard around the normal household without realising the value of it.

The majority of people have had garage sales and got rid of a lot of stuff that way but how many realize all the other things that we have hoarded in the back shed for years which is worth money.

If you hoard things in your back yard then I hope this article will encourage you to check out just what you have in your back shed that can increase your bank balance or help to pay the rent. 

Old car and truck batteries

Just because they no longer work does not mean they are worthless. Take them to your scrap merchant. They can often recycle the acid inside the batteries.

Stainless steel

You will be surprised how many bits and pieces will add up. When did you last use those old stainless steel pots and pans the birds have been using for water dishes? Old sockets or spanners that no longer work, and stainless steel nuts and bolts.


Quite often we have old aluminium frames from fly wire doors stacked up against a fence or old saucepans. What about the old hub caps, these are always left along the sides of the roads, parts of the power tools are aluminium too. And then there is any pipes, gutters, bed springs, or even the kitchen sinks. Do not mistake magnesium for aluminium. Magnesium will burn or ignite aluminium will not.

Beer or cool drink cans soon add up if squashed and stacked in a container.

Note: never put rocks or similar things in anything to make it heavier as you will be the loser in the end if you try to fool the scrap merchant.

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Other Scrap metal Options

Copper wiring

This is a good way to make money and quite often many people do not realize that they have any copper. How many old electric leads, computer leads, switchboards or any electric cable. These all have copper wiring in them.

The downside is that it will take you a little work to extract the copper wiring. You will need to cut a slit in the leads and using pliers or similar strip the plastic casing away from the wire. The best way is to tie one end to something and once you have started give it a read hard pull and it should come free.

Then roll it up into a ball to make room for lots more in a spare box. I was amazed the times I have seen people doing the rounds when people leave their whitegoods out on the roadside to be picked up by councils. They actually carry wire cutters and cut the power leads of all the goods and take them home especially to do this and make money from the sale of copper, you should always wear gloves to protect your hands, when doing this.

You could also burn the plastic off the wire although this can often cause it to go black and they may not pay as much. So stripping it is best price wise. Merchants will pay more for clean copper, so keep this in mind.


This is a different colour to copper. Look out for old door knobs, parts of radiators. You will often find brass on old plumbing fittings, so keep your eyes open when you see someone redoing their plumbing or replacing hot water systems. These are also found left out on kerbside cleanups.

Check out Prices for the different Metals

To find out what different types of scrap metals are worth just type "prices for scrap metal" into the Google search engine. Then you will get an idea about what everything is worth.

So go check out your back yard and see how much you can make from scrap metal around your home or even your neighbourhood.