Breeding Deers In Texas

Raising Deers

People that enjoy and love deers in Texas as farming pets as opposed to business minded people who jumps on the demand for trophy deers for hunting, raising them can be a lucrative and thriving business for them.

There are various steps on how to raise deers in Texas. Your initial step is to apply for permits for breeding and raising in the State of Texas. In order to do that, you need to contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and inquire about the Deer Breeder Program, Deer Management Permits, and Trap, Transport & Transplant Permit Program. You will also need to assess your budget for your farming business. Costs include fencing for pens, feed, medicine, deer transport, water availability, permits, feeders and the deer themselves. Your next step is to buy books and learning materials on how to raise them in your farm. Choose whether you want to buy adult deers or raise fawns. Raising fawns is far more difficult to manage than adult deers. Feeding the fawn is a complicated aspect of caring for the animal because their stomach has 3 chambers and cannot be fed in large quantities. Fawns are normally fed every 4 hours. Bottle-fed deer are easier to handle, medicate and artificially breed. It is easier to train the young ones to be domesticated, but be advised that bottle-fed deer, especially the bucks, can be just as dangerous as any wild deer. Consider the money spent for supplies, food and time in regards to this. Advertising and selling your raised deer will be your last step. Post flyer's around your city. Advertise online such as craigslist about your farming business to drive potential buyers. Attend the Texas Deer Association's trade show to promote your operation and selling. Furthermore, you need to visit breeding operations if you wish to breed trophy deers that are high quality necessary for hunting.

Buying a few deer and boarding them on an existing, well-run deer farm is the right way to start for new deer farmers. By doing this, you can significantly minimize your risks, reduce your work-loads, and still enjoy your deer farming. If everything goes well, you can eventually move the deer to your own farm.

It takes hard work, patience and dedication to raise deers whether you want to raise them for pets or for business. If you want to raise deers in Texas, the above steps will give you a headstart in your new venture.