If you have been to a ski resort in the past five years, you have probably noticed that the number of snowboarders on the slopes is now becoming almost equal to the number of skiers.  Snowboarding doesn’t just have to be for young kids.  Anyone with enough motivation and persistence can learn how to snowboard well. 

The first step to becoming a snowboarder is figuring out if you’re goofy or regular footed.  Goofy footed means that you have your right foot forward on the snowboard, whereas regular footed mean that you have your left food forward.  Although it may sound silly, the easiest way to figure this out if to have a friend push you at a time where you are least expecting it.  If you instinctively step forward with your right foot first, you are goofy.  You are regular if you step forward with your left foot first. 

Once you rent your snowboard, you should start out on the “bunny slope,” or the easiest hill your ski resort has to offer.  The first step is to strap into your bindings.  Once you are strapped in, you will want to practice sliding down the hill on your heel edge.  In order to do this, stand face down to the hill with your snowboard perpendicular to the hill and put pressure on your heels.  The front of the board should be slightly lifted off the snow.  Make sure to bend your knees and keep your center of gravity over the board. 

Once you master heel side, you can complete the same exercise with your back towards the hill.  In this instance, you will put pressure on your toes.  This is your toe edge, and you may find that this is a little more difficult than the heel edge.  However, just keep practicing and you will master it.

Once you have both the heel edge and toe edge down without falling, you are ready to try to transition from heel to toe, which is called carving.  You will fall a lot when you are first learning this skill, but after a few days of practice, you should be able to do slow, wide turns down the hill. 

Learning how to snowboard takes a lot of patience, but from experience, it may be one of the most rewarding activities you will ever learn how to do.  My advice is to keep at it, and eventually, you will be able to fly down black diamonds without any effort at all.