Ways to Improve Your Writing Techniques

In the era of the blogging generation it seems that anyone can be an online writer. All you need to know is how to set up a blog and type up something seemingly coherent - although some blogs are completely confounding these days so coherence may not even be a necessary criterion.

Professional online writing is more complex than typing up a few humorous sentences on a personal blog. Professional writing requires more structure, an understanding of syntax and grammar and some flair. Nowadays anyone feels they can be a freelance creative online writer, but to be a professional you will need some guidance. This is where the option of online writing courses comes into play.

What types of online writing courses are available?

Just as there are various types of online writers, there are various types of online writing courses. By conducting a basic Google search you will discover all manners of resources from academic writing courses to creative writing classes. Some of these are free but many of them require payment, the amount dependent on the length and form of course.

The most popular courses currently available are those offering technical writing and journalistic skills. These courses generally involve intensive modules focussing on grammar, writing structure and technical communication. They focus on how to become a journalist and the steps to take to improve your quality of writing. They will also offer private tutors who assist in developing your own creative and unique writing style which will serve you well when entering the world of journalism.

Another favoured course is that of media writing and music journalism. While these courses also focus on the basic foundational aspects of writing their attention is directed at the skills required to write a winning article about the media. Due to the increasing popularity of celebrity, fashion and music journalism this type of course would be highly recommended for anyone looking to enter this area of online writing.

Potentially the most sought after alternative is the creative writing course. This appeals to many bloggers, freelance writers and would be authors. The majority of these writing courses are free which is greatly beneficial for the newbie writing who is working on a budget. In fact, it is beneficial to any writer as many of these artists work off budgets - writing is not a highly paid occupation and this must be remembered when considering a career in this field.

The creative writing courses do present modules in the basic technical aspects of writing; however their focus is on the story writing factors of writing. These courses look to release the artist within the online writer while educating him/her in the structural elements of relaying that story.

What creative courses are available to the new online writer?

Although it is important to know what sort of writer you wish to be and find a course to direct you on the path, it is always useful to have knowledge of creative-writing. Without creativity one's writing is merely factual and the majority of individuals would rather read a story than a fact-finding sheet. There are numerous creative writing courses accessible via the internet, but the best website to peruse is that of creativewritingnow.com. Below are some of the free beginner courses available on the site:

1. The Essentials of Fiction Writing

This course is designed to improve an online writer's fiction writing techniques including the skill of character development, plotting, dialogue, description and narration. It provides one with a series of exercises whereby you must create different characters for a fictional tale. You will then be required to build plots and structure different events based on these characters. The course is conducted via email over a seven week period.

2. The Basics of Story Structure

Slightly different to the course on fiction writing, the basics of story structure will teach you how to develop story plots and structure the tale from beginning to end. As part of the assessment you will be required to create your own piece of fictional creative writing showing your understanding of the taught content. Once again this course is conducted via email at one email per week over a period of eight weeks.

3. The 'Bringing Characters To Life' course

One of the main difficulties writers have when writing descriptive tales is either providing dull descriptions of the characters or offering too much information making the characters overwhelming. In this course you will be taught the basics of character development. You will be educated in different methods of creating interesting and realistic characters as well as how they evolve throughout the tale. The course is conducted via email for a period of eight weeks.

4. The Secrets of Description Writing

While it is important to know all the mechanics and workings of writing, it is also very useful to known the secrets behind creative-writing. This course will provide you with some top tips on how to make your tale feel more realistic and three-dimensional. It will cover all aspects of the story from character development and plot, to tone and mood. This is one of the most advantageous courses mentioned in this article as you will find it useful when writing that book one day, in the near future. The course runs for eight weeks and is conducted via email.

5. The 'Endless Story Ideas' course

This course is for those individuals who sometimes have writers block and aren't sure how to get out of that rut. It is also highly beneficial for the individual who has far too many ideas at once and is unsure how to contain them in a focused manner. The 'Endless Story Ideas' course provides one with the opportunity to generate ideas that can be developed in the weeks or months ahead. The course will also teach writers how to use experiences to create new fictional story ideas. The course runs over a three day period via email.

Final words on online writing courses

Online-writing is simple to do, but to write like a professional it is recommended to educate yourself. There are various options available so there are many opportunities to be had.  You should also ensure you set up properly. Have a quiet office space; the best broadband UK providers have to offer you in your location, and accounts with Copyscape and other online writing-tools.

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