Learn Hypnosis as a Catalyst to Finding Employment

How can your commitment to learn hypnosis increase your part time or full time income? The good news is that you can learn hypnosis well enough in a few days (some on the same day) to increase your employability. If you want to set up a business as a hypnotherapist then you will need more training. Hypnosis is the process of inducing an altered state of consciousness so you can see that if you could alter your consciousness such that you were operating at 99% of your potential rather than 30% then the probability of your finding employment would dramatically escalate.

We know that much in finding employment is a matter of perception. Remember the story by Edgar Allan Poe called the Purloined Letter? In the story, the protagonist nearly wrecks his home in the process of looking for a letter. The letter has been right in front of him all the time only he didn't recognize it. He was perceiving the letter differently and looking for the misperceived letter, which, of course, did not exist. All he had to do was change his perception and then the real letter would come into focus. And this is exactly what happened in the story. And this is what you must do in searching for employment. The job is likely to be right in front of you. You must change your perception. And this is where hypnosis enters.

The basic process of hypnosis is the induction. This creates an altered state of consciousness so that the subconscious mind can accept what is suggested. It is the same for insomnia hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis, instant and progressive relaxation hypnosis, street and clinical hypnosis, and golf hypnosis.

Learn Hypnosis and Change Your Perception: See What You Could Not See Before

Once you learn hypnosis you will be able to design a program that opens your perception to jobs you can do very well. But you were not pursuing these jobs because they were invisible to you. I knew a man who went into deep depression following Katrina. All he could focus on was the destruction. But then, with the help of his wife, he shifted his perception and started to look at how he could make things better. He went through a brief training in being an assessor for hurricane damage. He made sure that people with destroyed homes were getting paid a fair share of replacement costs. By changing his perception he did three things. He helped others materially and psychologically, he helped rebuild his community, and he began to think positively again.

Sometimes a heart to heart talk with someone you trust can bring about a change in perception. However, hypnosis offers us a direct way of doing the same and you can learn to hypnotize yourself if need be. Let us then go through a simple hypnotic process that aims to open your perception so that you will be more likely to see opportunities for jobs that you can do, jobs that hither fore were invisible to you.

Learn Hypnosis by Experiencing It: Awakening Your Perception

Sit with your arms supported on the armrests of your chair. Raise your right arm so that it extends straight out in front of you. Your arm is parallel with the floor. Notice that in this position, your arm begins to tire. Now begin counting from 1-20 very slowly and with each count your arm will tire more and more. And the more your arm tires, the more your eyelids will feel heavy and want to close, and the more your eyelids tire, the more your head will want to fall forward or to the side and then more you will want to just let go...I will know when you reach 20 because your head will drop forward and your body will be completely relaxed.

Now, just become aware of this relaxed feeling and let it increase so that you go into an even deeper state of relaxation. See yourself at the top of some stairs that lead down into a garden with a pool. You begin walking down the steps and with each step you take, you go into a more relaxed and peaceful state of consciousness. Now when you reach the bottom of the stairs, go and sit by the pool. And notice the bubbles forming on the bottom of the pool and note how they rise slowly to the top and float a while and then pop and then notice another bubble. Begin to count them. Now look into the bubbles, they are like windows into your mind and you will look and discover yourself doing unexpected things, perhaps with your hand or on a computer or in making things, or in writing, or dealing with the public. You will see unexpected work emerge from all of this and you say to yourself:

I will see opportunities for employment I did not see before

I will study the company so that I can speak to why I want to work there.

I will exhibit confidence in the interview

I will see myself doing jobs that are right for me.

I will see myself doing jobs I never thought I could do. I will see myself perform at new jobs smoothly and quickly

I will grow in confidence every day.

I will create the jobs I want.

All the above are affirmations and you will repeat them often. When you repeat them, see yourself doing them and feel how your body is responding. Feel the affirmations in your body.

Now that you know what to do, you can take yourself through this process daily. The idea is to get the language and the concepts engrained in your subconscious mind so that it comes automatically.

You will now count yourself up...up into wakefulness.

One you are beginning to wake up

Two you can see images of yourself finding and doing new jobs.

Three, you feel the energy coming up from your toes, rising in your body.

Four ...you can fee the energy in your chest and Five ..the energy is in your head and your mind is in great clarity.

Five...and Six...Commit now to doing these affirmations daily and commit to self hypnotism at least three times a week.

7-8 open your eyes

9-10 Feeling very awake and alive and looking forward to finding or creating employment.