Learn Hypnosis: Make Money

Have you ever thought about making money as a hypnotherapist? Well, you are in for a pleasant surprise if you are interested in this line of work. You can work from a traditional external office, see clients in your home, or conduct your entire business online from your home computer. But first you must get qualified, which in hypnotherapy circles means getting certified. Well, how do you do that? First of all, you must learn hypnosis.

Step One: How do I learn hypnosis? This is an naturally occurring question and the usual response is to look for a school of hypnotherapy that is qualified to teach and certify you as a hypnotherapist. In the process you will learn hypnosis. But beyond this, you will be trained to treat clients for various conditions such as lose weight hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis or stage hypnosis. And when you begin treating clients you will be entitled to a fee...a fee that you set.

Courses to Help you Learn Hypnosis

The first course you should take to learn hypnosis will typically start with some definitions and explanation of the process and state of hypnosis. Usually, there will be some background information on the history of hypnosis, its great pioneers. Then you will begin to study the various techniques of induction..that is procedures for placing one in a hypnotic state. Above all, the first hypnosis course is one of practice. Ordinarily, one practices on fellow students, so you will become adept at going into a trance state and coming out of it. This is all for the good because in the process of being hypnotized, you gain some understanding of what your clients are experiencing. So get used to being the client and then switching roles as therapist...and vice versa.

Somewhere in your early training you will witness master hypnotists...those who are adept at creating amnesia, hallucinations and anesthesia. Some may demonstrate age regression also. Learn from these masters, but take it slow and easy working with their techniques. Remember, many have taken years to master their art and skill. Nevertheless, you may have the opportunity to attend a conference on how to learn hypnosis and here you may see stage hypnotism comingled with clinical hypnosis and forms of hypnotherapy. You may bring away from such a conference certain practical knowledge and skills such as overcoming a headache or learning better eye contact with your clients. By this time you may begin to wonder how you will make the transition from being able to hypnotize to applying hypnosis in a clinical setting where you will help clients overcome fear and unnecessary habits. The fear of flying is an example. Ordinarily, to reach this stage you will go through more training. Such a program may last a few months or even a couple of years, depending on the scope and intensity of it. But at the end of the training, you will pass a written and practical exam and earn a certificate that certifies you as a hypnotherapist. You may now list your credentials after your name: Ct.H. These credentials allow you to set up a business to practice hypnotherapy.

Learn Hypnosis: Open and Office

As I pointed out earlier, you can start out your practice with a traditional external office or you can practice hypnotherapy in your home. Further, with modern technology, you can now practice hypnotherapy entirely on line or by mail. You can interview clients over the phone or on line, via Skype and the use of web pages and blogs. You can design specific audio or video tapes for your client. It just depends on how much you want to take on and how much you are willing to invest. Best to start with modest means and build up. And you must factor in how you are going to reach your clients. One way is through having a web site that describes your background and services. Another, is to network. You must make it a point to get to know the medical community in your area. You may get vast referrals from therapists who are willing to work hand in hand with you on behalf of certain clients. And don't forget sports. There is a whole branch of hypnotherapy devoted to improving athletic performance called Sports Hypnosis. This includes or may include golf hypnosis, swimming hypnosis, placekicker hypnosis, sprinting hypnosis, etc. There are lucrative positions to obtain when opportunities open. For example, think of becoming a member of a Sports Medicine facility at a major hospital. Many of the clients would be directed to you and your services. You would work with the athlete to break bad habits and instill good ones, to overcome pain, to gain confidence, etc. And you would be paid hospital rates.

So what about getting paid? How much can I charge per session. When you are starting out, you should probably start somewhere in the mid range. Call around and see what obtains as a trend and choose the mid point. Then each year move up a few notches, making sure that your services are unique and that the public knows about them. News reports are great and they don't cost a thing. Just get to know some local reporters and dramatize a strong case you treated and achieved great results. Get to know your medical community. Free demonstrations are excellent also. You can run an ad in your local paper that you are going to demonstrate particular skills of hypnosis...give the date and time and Use build a news report around the event. This is far more effective than just waiting until someone responds to your business card. It is not the usual case that if you build it, people will come. You must give the public a reason and a curiosity that is unabated and can only be satisfied by their showing up. Some of this may dip over into the realm of stage hypnosis, but remember that some of the greatest therapists were once stage hypnotists, a case in point being Dave Elman. He was a perfectionist on stage and as a therapist. He was the master of both domains.

In your search for applications, do not be put off by the variations in the titles of your documents. The variations are for the most part interpolations of word order and substituting of nouns or noun phrases. For example you may find hypnosis show, covert hypnosis, hypnosis to stop smoking and quit smoking hypnosis. You may find clinical hypnosis and street hypnosis. Just remember that the basic induction is the same. You are creating an altered consiousness.