d Increase Your Riches

Learn Hypnosis and increase your income, your discretionary money, your skills such as writing or perhaps a sports skill. Whatever your goal is and however you define riches, you will be able to move toward that goal and the perfection of that skill if you learn hypnosis. To begin, sit down and make a list of what you would like to be doing in ten years: moving toward a top management job, a CEO position? Running your own business? List your income for that top performance year. Now work backwards and write down where you will be in five years, and then three years, and now the present year. You will have a ladder to success. But where does hypnosis fit in all of this? The answer is that if you learn hypnosis, you can increase the odds of success for each step of your journey. To make this happen you will learn hypnosis.

There are so many claims made so how should a person begin to learn hypnosis? I recommend taking a trip through your Yellow Pages to pick out a school that is licensed to teach hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Here you can build a good foundation in the basic skills of hypnosis and also plan each stage of your career/s. You will learn the history and theory of hypnosis, but you will also learn techniques of hypnotism, starting with induction. Induction is the method used to psychologically move a client from a normal state of awareness into a hypnotic state of awareness. Once the induction has been achieved, then the hypnotist can implant any program in the consciousness of the client. Some examples are lose weight hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, increase memory hypnosis, erotic hypnosis and so forth. Now you can readily see how you could apply hypnosis to your career goals, for you can break down ever skill you need to obtain your goals and build a program around it. Pretend, for example, that you want to apply for a job as sales person. You know you will be interviewed.So you can place yourself in trance and see yourself successfully going through the interview, step by step. You are calm but alert and you are brimming with confidence.

To Learn Hypnosis, Do It.

As you progress in your knowledge and skill to learn hypnosis, you will want to apply it to your life and career goals. For example, a sales job could entail anything from selling shoes, to dating services, to selling real estate. You know that you will need to pass an exam to sell real estate. But you should not let this stop you. Get hold of a practice manual and read it. Now place yourself in trance and see yourself going through the manual and committing important points to memory. See yourself solving the problems, working the math, analyzing the model transactions. In other words, use your powers as a hypnotist to take you through whatever training you need to obtain a particular job. Once you are licensed in your chosen field, be it real estate sales or something else, use your ability to place yourself in trance and see and feel your success step by step. You can set sales goals beyond what your company requires and you can achieve those goals. Hypnosis can be used to increase confidence, to sharpen memory, to increase facility in problem solving and to creating new strategies of increasing your income.

So how does the implanting of programs actually work? If you are using self hypnosis, I recommend you sit in a chair with arm rests and that you have prepared a list of affirmations that you want to implant in your subconscious mind. The list may say: I enjoy solving problems; I exude extreme confidence; I set goals and achieve them. I know and understand all aspects of my business.
The list may go on and one, but it is best to work with a few at a time. Print the affirmation on a card and have them readily available when you go into trance. So sit in your chair and extend your right arm. Now notice that as your arm becomes heavier and heavier and more difficult to support, you notice that your eyelids are getting heavy also and that it would feel very good to close them. And now you begin counting from 10-1 and tell yourself that when you reach one,you head will fall to the side or fall forward and that when it falls you will be in a deep trance and that you will read your affirmation/s and it will be real to you...You open your eyes but you are still in trance.. At this point, you hold up the affirmation card and read it aloud. The affirmation will be like a prophecy. Then you let the card fall to the floor and close your eyes and let the affirmation circulate through your mind. You will count forward from one to twenty and as you approach twenty you will feel a strong urge to wake up and act on your affirmations. You reach twenty and you awaken and you are very alert and eager to act upon all your affirmations. Such is the power of suggestion when you learn hypnosis. Continue to monitor your performance and make list of improvements in your action and thought. Keep looking for areas that need improvement and, as you move toward your goal of increased riches, use your skills at hypnosis to unlock the very best in you. As Napoleon Hill has said, you must visualize the goal you want and if this be money, then add that to your affirmations. See stacks of money that are now yours. Retrace your steps so that it is clear how the money came into being. If you notice any weakness in your chain of success, all you need do is to create an affirmation around that item and make that part of your hypnosis session.

It is noteworthy that in your search for applications of hypnosis you will find syntactic variations. Or sometimes a word or two will change, but the meaning will remain virtually the same. We are always talking about inducting an altered state of consciousness, but this may take many forms. For example, there is insomnia hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis, hypnosis orgasm, and instant hypnosis. There is covert hypnosis and overt hypnosis, street hypnosis and clinical hypnosis. Do not allow yourself to be confused by terminology; the basic process is the same.

Learn hypnosis and apply it to the pursuit of your riches.