There are many ways to enhance skill performance, whether the skill be typing, hitting home runs, or swimming. The usual answer to how one should enhance skill performance is summed up in one word: Practice!" And so we will see athletes performing a maneuver over and over again. Yes, but is there a way to better prepare, to better perfect a skill? There is and therein lies the power of hypnosis. One can package a skill inside a hypnosis program. One practical approach to this is to work with a coach who knows the skill and how to communicate it. The hypnotherapist will then break down the steps to the skill and package it so that the athlete can use it like a meditation. In this essay, I will use the skills of Shotokan Karate to illustrate. We could as well be talking about golf hypnosis. Or tennis hypnosis. One will learn hypnosis techniques that will enhance the learning of karate skills.

Let us begin. We begin with stances. The most basic stance is the front stance. We stand at attention and step forward on one leg about two shoulder widths in length. Our right knee should be directly over the right toe. Our back leg is locked out. Our body is erect, not slouching in any direction. This is a strong stance from the front. We will incorporate the visual forms and the somatic sensation of this stance in our hypnosis program. We sit in a chair and gradually allow ourselves to go into progressively deeper states of relaxation. We count down from five to one and when we reach one we tell ourselves that we will fall into a deep sleep and that in that sleep we see ourselves in a dojo and we are standing facing our instructor and we are in a front stance. We imagine the sensei approach us and pushing against our shoulders. We feel the strength of the front stance. We feel how balanced it is from frontal assault. Mentally practice feeling the balance and strength of the front stance.

Learn Hypnosis and Gain Strength and Balance in all Karate Stances

Now we move on to the back stance. The back stance is designed for flexibility, for moving backwards or to either side. Stand up straight with your knees together. Now turn your right foot out 45 degrees and step back about two shoulder widths and sit back, placing most of your weight on the back leg. Get the feel of moving to one side or another. In hypnosis allow yourself to see an opponent rush you and you move from one side to another. Move out of the line of attack. Now assume the attack is direct and you do not have time to move to the side. You see yourself and you feel yourself to simply slide and hop on the back foot and move smoothly across the floor. In a hypnotic trance, you will feel this as though it is actually happening.

Now we will practice the horse stance. Stand straight and step to the side with one leg. Sit back and it is as though you are riding a horse. Get the feel of this position. This is used when you are backed up against the wall and you are fighting side to side. And to the front. Now once you are in a waking dream state, practice blocking and striking from each stance and notice the flexibility and the power of each stance. See yourself lunging forward from the front stance and blocking with a high or low block and then punching. In your back stance, block a blow coming to the middle of your body using a knife edge sweep and do the same for both sides of your body. Feel each pattern; feel its flexibility and its power.

To block a low kick, you will sweep it to one side or the other. You will avoid taking the power of the kick straight on. Instead you use a down block. You are striking the kicking leg on the inside making contact at right angles to the attacking leg. You may find it useful to make a lesson plan of the features you will go over in the trance state. The important point here is that you do not need to actually perform the moves all the time. Some time should be spent on trance awareness that is your discovery of small and large muscles coordinating to produce smooth movements, blocks, kicks or strikes. You are doing this to enhance your performance. This is not covert hypnosis; It is direct and it works just as well as stop smoking hypnosis.

Learn Hypnosis to Enhance Karate Combinations

Now let us put some of these patterns together. Imagine two opponents facing one another. One steps forward and punches to the other's face. The defender steps back and at the same time uses a rising block to block the oncoming punch. The defender now becomes the offender, for his back foot is in position to kick. He delivers a snap kick to the stomach of the first offender, followed by a punch to the face. Practice this patter with a partner until you get the rhythm down and then practice it mentally and in a trance state and you will amplify the progress you will make.

Aside from the power karate can generate, there is the smoothness of sequence and structure it can obtain also. For example let us consider a self defense technique where you attack the knee of an opponent. As the opponent drops forward, you knee him in the solar plexus and then elbow strike to the spine as he drops forward. You see and mentally go through each step and you get the feel of each. step and the feel of the coordinated effort. The application of hypnosis to self defense programs such as karate is no less effective than its application to golf hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis or self hypnosis as applied to any skill. Map out the skills you want to master and by all means do put in the hours of actual physical practice, but add to this the power of hypnosis and you will have a winning combination.

One bit of advice: As you conduct searches for applications of hypnosis, you will come across many variations of the same basic processes, namely solid induction processes. Most of thes variations are brought about by substituting noun and verb phrases and by changing the word order. Following are some examples: hypnosis tapes, insomnia hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis, smoking cessation hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis, hypnosis to stop smoking, etc. You can readily see that these labels refer to the end product use of the same process; namely, the foundation of asolid inductions whicare ways of creating an altered state of consciousness.