Learn Korean in Korea - should you do it? In this article, I will go over the various factors you need to consider first. Only you can make the final decision but I can hopefully help you decide whether your near future will be in Korea or not.

Do You Like Cities?

If you go to Korea to learn their language then you will most likely be in a city. There are simply not many language schools located in the countryside.

Korea is quite densely populated anyway, especially the capital city, Seoul. If you love cities then you will find Seoul to be a great city for you. It is relatively cheap and you can eat out every day without putting a dent in your wallet. You will meet many other people, Koreans and fellow students alike.

If cities are not your thing then you may want to reconsider. However, I would urge you to stick with your original idea because Korean cities are not like other cities. In Korea, crime generally is low and people are polite. This is definitely not the case with other cities.

Do You Hate Garlic?

Koreans consume large amounts of garlic via their cuisine. If you are one of those people who absolutely hate garlic with a vengeance then I advise you to stay well clear.

Garlic is not usually eaten raw, of course. You will find it as an ingredient in many dishes from the wonderfully diverse Korean cuisine.

Do You Want To Learn The Language Fast?

There is no faster way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in it by visiting a country where it is the majority mother tongue. If you also attend a language school there then you will probably have classes every day. Within a very short space of time you will be able to converse naturally. If you combine it with self-study (optional but I recommend it) then you will achieve the maximum rate of learning possible.

If you are interested in self-study then I can highly recommend the FSI and Assimil series which are among the best available for the Korean language.

Do You Want To Have An Amazing Experience?

Many language students go to Korea but there are other alternatives too such as Japan, Taiwan and China - and this is only considering the Far East.

Nearly everyone I know who has visited Korea has said that they have had a fantastic experience. In fact, living in any foreign country is a fascinating experience. I have done it myself (though not in Korea) and I would recommend it to anyone. Doing it in Korea is like the icing on the cake.

Final Verdict

If you've been considering learning Korean in Korea then I would recommend that you just take a chance and go for it. Life is too short and you will, without doubt, have a great time.

Another good alternative is to study Japanese in Japan but that will cost considerably more. China is another good option but is not yet as exciting as Korea, in my opinion, though in a few years probably will be.