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Imagine creating a beautiful watercolor or oil painting. Visualize making delicate and precise brushstrokes. Painting is surely a painstaking process that requires talent and patience to bring to life a gorgeous still life painting, a beautiful floral scene or an awe-inspiring panoramic landscape. With this in mind, now imagine that you are disabled or unable to use even your arms to paint. Instead you use your tongue or your toes to paint. You are a mouth painter or a foot painter.

Discover a group of talented artists who create beautiful paintings and artwork with their feet and their mouths. Whether they have been born with a congenital disease or lost their limbs due to sporting or vehicle accidents, there are many wonderfully talented artists and painters who have overcome their disabilities and have learned, not only to paint with brushes held in between their toes or use their mouths to hold paintbrushes, but who excel at their artwork, continue to produce  wonderful paintings and show and sell their work worldwide.

In the U.S. an organization, the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) helps mouth and foot painters commercialize and sell their work. This year the MFPA celebrates their 50th anniversary stateside. Originally founded in Europe, this artist’s collective was started in the 1950’s by German mouth painter Erich Stegmann who contracted polio and lost the use of his arms as a toddler. 

This co-operative was founded to help other artists who paint with their mouths and their feet to help these artists become financially independent and exhibit their work.  Delegates are elected by artist members who qualify as a student member or associate members. These memebers then  become full members and share a voice in representing the group to support the interests of the all the artist members. MFPA offices exist in Atlanta Georgia and in Toronto Ontario.  In the U.S. there are over 70 artists now represented by this organization and there is an international counterpart to this group which represents over 750 artists around the world with artists in 75 countries.
On the website online visitors can view artist biographical summaries featuring these artists and browse the beautiful artwork created by these artistic mouth and foot painters. Their artwork can be also purchased to aid and help support these talented artists.

Christmas cards are the bestsellers for this organization; however, other excellent gift items created by these artists can be bought such as beautifully created jigsaw puzzles, note cards, wrapping paper, two illustrated children’s book, an any-year diary, an address book and a calendar. These items and more are available for sale and all the art is created by these remarkable artists.
One very important fact to highlight about this organization is that the MFPA is not a charity nor will the organization ever seek to receive charitable funds. Pity and charity are terms absolutely abhorrent to founding artist Stegmann. The motto of the organization is self help – not charity for these artists.
Take a look at the inspiring art created by these remarkable artists who paint with either their mouths or their feet and consider buying some of their work online via the MFPA next time you are online or need to shop for holiday gifts, gift cards, wrapping paper or some unique and beautiful art.
Several artists have their own websites as well for more information on their work and on their personal histories. One such artist is Dennis Francesconi. You can view a slide show of his artwork on his personal website.

You might be interested to note that PepsiCo has featured MFPA artists and used their holiday designs for their corporate Christmas cards for the last three years. This year the company will also hold an art exhibition of the work done by these artists at their PepsiCo headquarters during the holiday season.  You might also be surprised to learn that artist and author Christy Brown of My Left Foot is also an artist member of the MFPA.