Natural Fiber Carpet Materials

Natural fibers utilized on carpet are made either by animals, insects, or even plants. The fibers that are made by animals or insects are called protein fibers. Those that are produced by plants are called vegetable fibers. Vegetable and protein fibers have the same drawback as they're both very absorbent and would have longer drying times when they are cleaned, which in turn could result in mildew, mold, shrinkage, and even dry rot.


Wool fiber is manufactured from the fleece coat of sheep or lambs. Wool carpets are brought in from countries like UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Wool is the most well-known and regarded as the best of all carpet materials.

The capability of wool to stretch up to Forty Percent of its primary length and since it could be bent backwards and forwards more than one hundred and eighty thousand times without breaking makes it very durable. Wool is the most costly fabric for carpet, though it's also the best you could purchase.


The fiber of silk is created by the larva of different insects generally known as silk worms. The silk, in continuous lengths from 300 to 1600 yards is woven to produce the cocoons. As being a fiber, silk is typically non flammable, sturdy, and not changed by static charge issues even at low dampness.


Cotton is an organic fiber that's created from the cotton plant. The main use for these fibers is yarns weaved in carpets or area rugs. Cotton is resistant against alkaline solutions and it becomes more durable when it's wet.

The most significant drawback to cotton is the fact that it's the most absorbent of all materials and needs longer drying times after being washed. It can also be easily damaged by chemicals, stains easily, soils quickly.

These are several materials that are used in manufacturing carpets. They are popular, durable and also attractive. However they should be properly taken care of, as all carpets no matter the material they are made of should be cleaned on a regular basis. Also, you should avoid walking on them with dirty shoes, it's even better to take off your shoes before walking on your carpet. Doing this, your carpet will last for a long time without being changed and you will enjoy its beauty and elegance for many years.