Discovering natural ways to relieve back pain is very ideal to get rid of the disturbing pain that has been bothering you all along. These are effective, safe and easy ways that you can try even in your own homes. Some of you may have been searching for alternatives other than surgery and feeding yourselves with pain medicines. These following methods and techniques will surely be able to help you. Millions of the world’s population is also suffering from back pain. It is a very common symptom that has affected both adults and young people. Choosing a natural way to overcome the pain will not only lessen your expense, it will also guarantee positive and safe outcomes.

Bowen Therapy

Named after its developer, Tom Bowen, an osteopath from Australia, this type of therapy has been a very popular method used for treating back pains in Europe and North America. Therapists who practice this kind of treatment use their thumbs and fingers in applying specialized movements that will release tension from strained muscles. The finger movements targets specific areas of the muscle where receptors are found. These receptors send signals to the brain which results to reduction of pain.

Balneo Therapy

This is one of the oldest methods proven to effectively cure pain. This therapy is another form of hydrotherapy which requires the patient to bathe in warm or mineral water.

Mineral water contains sulphur which is a very effective element that can help soothe the pain. Many people who have tried this method proved it to be true. You can purchase sulphur-containing bath salts in health food stores or online.

Massage Therapy

A good massage surely is one of the most known methods in relieving back pains. This kind of therapy reduces anxiety and stress which are two of the many factors contributing to the pain. Pregnant women use this method, since it has been proven safe and reliable. It not only relaxes the muscles, it also stimulates blood circulation for a healthier body.


This method is widely known in Asia and other European countries. It is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine which involves insertion of needles to specific points in our bodies. In theory, it is believed that pain is caused by the stagnation of blood due to the blocked meridians where the Qi or the “life energy” flows. Targeting these points will remove the blockade and restore the balance of the flow, which in turn eliminates the pain.

On the other hand, science explains that through acupuncture, neurochemicals and hormones are released. It also calms the sympathetic nervous system so that the pain is reduced. Acupuncture has been proven by research to be effective in stimulating blood flow and relieving symptoms of back pain.

These are just few of the methods for a natural back pain relief. You can choose to try any of it to achieve comfort and finally be able to get rid of the pain.