Nowadays computer programmers are very well paid and much needed all around the world. If you're a hard-working and disciplined person, chances are that you might learn programming faster than you imagine. All you need to learn programming are a few basics, but it takes a lot of patience to develop software.

If you grew up envying the coolness of these tough and smart looking hackers in fictional motion pictures and TV shows, then for sure you fantasized at least once about becoming such a person someday. The best part about it is that such a position is very easy to achieve if you truly want to. However, becoming a hacker might not be the best thing to do in life, let aside the fact that it's illegal; - so therefore, learn programming and become a programmer.

If finally you decided to put your keyboard and mouse to better use than mindless Internet browsing and playing endless MMORPG games, then learn computer programming and redefine your whole persona. Why be a nerdy lifeless gamer when you can work for a multinational company which produces computer games? Not only you'll be seen as a super hero by the gamers around you, but you'll be also facing the trouble of counting the high numbers on your salary check.

Where do I start, in order to learn programming? You start by understanding what exactly it is that you want to learn. What I mean is that you start by deciding which programming language it is that you want to study. There are several different programming languages, but learn to program in C could be a good place to start.

Fortunately there are thousands of books out there, printed or digital, which provide you exactly what you need in order to master any programming language you desire. In addition there are several websites which provide programming tutorials in video format, for free or paid. If you sign up to computer programming courses then you can become a programmer, Java guru, or a PHP master sooner than you imagine if you truly feel the call of coding.

Most people who give up programming and choose a different career do so because they only learned programming for the material benefits. A true programmer (or coder) often writes software in order to contribute to the evolution of the IT world; he or she wants to create something new.

How do I learn programming? Programming requires time and honest involvement. It's very important you acknowledge that, otherwise your career will not last very long. But as a start you should download or buy some printed programming books, follow online tutorials, or attend programming courses.

Try to expand your programming knowledge at all times, online and offline as well. Tell others: I want to learn programming, communicate with other coders, check online programming forums and IT communities. Read software magazines and watch documentaries on computers and the virtual world.

But the most important and efficient thing you can do to learn computer programming is to practice it. To learn programming, more than in any other task, practice really makes the difference between a good programmer and an expert programmer. It doesn't matter how brilliant you are and how full of innovating ideas you are all the time, if you don't put them to practice in front of the computer, or even on paper, then programming will not take you far in the computer industry.

Take your time and think hard of what it really means to you to learn programming. If you see it as a career option, then make sure you truly love coding. If you only dig it for the material benefits, then step aside and pick another career, remember: Do not spend your life working on something that you do not truly enjoy.