Learn Spanish In Your Car - Put The Drive Time To Good Use!Are you one of the thousands of commuters who spends long hours in their car every week traveling to work? If so, why not put that time to good use and learn Spanish in your car? In 2005, New Yorkers spent an average of 31 minutes commuting to work--each way! Time is a very valuable commodity and commuters hate wasting large amounts of it traveling to and from work, but so many activities are out of the question while driving, including talking on a cell phone.

Learning Spanish in your car is as simple as popping a CD into the disc drive. It's a hands-free operation, so there are no safety issues to be concerned about. Instead of talking on your cell phone, which is dangerous, learn Spanish in your car!

Knowing Spanish is a profitable skill to have these days...

  • For work
  • For travel
  • To expand your knowledge

... so putting that otherwise wasted time to good use definitely pays off.

With the mind engaged in a useful, academic pursuit, rather than listening to pop tunes or mindless, adolescent babble on the radio, people arrive at the job site more open to beginning the day's activities--much better than starting the day out already exhausted from the commute.

And how about road rage? Tailgating, speeding, yelling, and even the use of weapons is all too common on congested highways. Commuters can combat stress, anxiety, frustration, and tension while engaged in a meaningful language study are much less likely to blow up in anger over being cut off or slowed down.

Do you carpool? You can learn along with others and converse with one another in the car. You can cut the cost of your commute way down while you learn Spanish in your car. If you walk or jog to work, you can learn Spanish as well using a headset. Even people who take public transportation to work can learn Spanish on the bus or subway.

Over the course of a year, learning Spanish in your car can take you from knowing nothing about Spanish to being a fluent speaker. Many Spanish courses advertise a three-month commitment to learning the language. Stop wasting time sitting in traffic--learn Spanish in your car!