Learn Taijistsu: A Martial Arts Self Defense

What is taijitsu? How is it used in self defense? Basically, taijitsu is a martial arts discipline that uses joint twisting to counter a grab or hold. We call the discipline taijitsu against holding. Let us assume an assailant grabs you by the wrist. He grabs your left wrist with his right hand. The first thing to remember is that the thumb of the assailant is the point of weakness, so twist against the thumb. This is a a simple break of his hold. To apply joint twisting, Grasp his holding hand with your free hand and move the assailant's arm in a circle and press downward. This will cause a bone against bone stress at the wrist and the assailant will either let go or submit to a broken wrist. Such is the power of martial arts self defense. But one must be prepared for rigorous training to learn martial arts. This means more than just wearing martial arts clothing. A Gi does not make one a martial artist . In some styles you may be required to wear karate shoes, but remember, this will not necessarily improve your kicks.

Let us assume that the attacker uses a cross hold-that is he grasps your left wrist with his left hand. Here, you must peel his fingers back and swing upward. Now, press downward. Again, you place great stress on the wrist. The same movements can be used if the assailant tries to choke you. You should practice with one hand and then the other. Now for the shoulder. Suppose you are walking on a street and an assailant comes up behind you and reaches fro your shoulder. His intent is to spin you around and hit you in the face with his other hand. But you will swing your arm under his elbow and force up. Either he surrenders or he develops a dislocated shoulder .So you can see that taijitsu is a a legitimate form of self defense and it incorporates joint twisting, pinning and dislocation as self defense. But if the assailant is very large, you may not be able to apply the technique because of the sheer size of the person's wrist, forearms and shoulders. In this case it is best to use karate against holding. These are but a few techniques for applying martial arts self defense.

Karate Against Holding: A Martial Arts Self Defense

Assume someone is trying to strangle you. Karate against holding provides a technique to counter strangulation. Thrust one arm up toward the ceiling. Now make a fist and come down on the attacker's arms with the point of your elbow, then drive your elbow into the assailant's face. This should discourage the strangulation. If the attacker grasps your lapel, use and inside block of his extended arm and then slide your open hand along his arm and strike his collar bone. Another point, if the attacker uses a frontal attack and ties up your hands and close range, the push forward and then abruptly step back and kick to the man's groin. Martial arts self defense relies on using the proper form and the element of surprise.

If the strangulation attempt is from the rear, then use elbow strikes to disable him. If he should grab your leg then fall forward on him and punch to his face. If some wise guy gives you a bone crushing handshake and will not let go, grasp your own thumb for stability and use your knuckle of the index finger to dig into the top of his hand. He will let go. Martial arts self defense wards off potential troublemakers.

Weapons attack and martial arts self defense

Pretend that you are attacked by a man with a knife. He uses a lunge toward your stomach. Grab anything to protect your hands, like your shirt or a shoe and use a downward sweep of the knife and use the other hand to deflect the knife away from vital points of your body. Then at the same time round kick to the groin. And strike with a knife hand to the side of his neck. If he comes toward you with a club, then step to the side as he comes down with the club, round kick to his groin and ten use a focused downward thrust kick to his knee, followed by a strike to his neck. If someone draws a gun on you, you must be close enough to execute a technique. Go for the gun hand and keep the gun pointed away from you with you left hand, then bring your right hand under and force backward until he drops the gun. This move is done only as a last resort. Martial arts self defense can overcome a weapons attack.

If you want to carry a weapon, a good one is a set of nunchukas. They can be slipped under your car seat. Check with the police to see if there is any law being broken by having the nunchukca in possession and if there is don't carry them. These are two heavy smooth sticks bound together by a cord. If you strike with then nunchukas, the blow is delivered, but the momentum of the nunchuka is not slowed or stopped. It slides off the target and is ready to strike again. Also, there is an entire art in using the Bo-pole. Think of the karate forms and how one can enact a series of blocks and strikes against an imaginary opponent; this is an art form as well as a self defense strategy. If you just want to direct someone away from you but you do not wish to harm that person (perhaps a drunk or out of control elderly woman) then it is a good idea to use their elbows to control their body. Just grasp their elbow on the outside and push. You will temporarily have leverage over the person's body. Martial arts self defense includes the use of weapons.

There are a number of ways that one can use one's hands for a strike. The standard punch is to close the fist and strike on the first two knuckles. You can open your hand and strike on the blade of your hand. Or you can strike with a hammer fist, or backhanded, or using the heel of your palm or with your fingers as in an eye attack, or on the inside ridge of your hand or in an inside block or an outside block or in a cat stance and striking downward on the palm heel of your hand. Or with the back of your hand as in a back fist strike. The idea is to make the body an instrument of weaponry. Such is the power and range of martial arts self defense.

Taijitsu is a form of self defense that makes use of joint twisting and the power of the chi. Chi is a universal energy that the martial artist captures and localizes for the purpose f self defense. The tec hniques can be mapped and shown on video.Some manifestations are: martial arts softwear, martial arts clothing, learn martial arts, and maartial arts insurance.