So you are looking to play songs on the piano and you are not sure how to get started. You may have taken piano lessons as a child, but it did not last very long. You may be regretting now that you are an adult that you quit the piano and you want to get started again.

You can learn how to play songs on the pian. You can actually learn the piano or keyboard if you have patience and a true desire to learn.

You need to make a commitment to learn to play songs on the piano, and it cannot only last a couple of weeks!

Things You Will Need

A desire to learn to play songs on the piano.
An instrument to play at home such as a piano or keyboard.
Lots and lots of patience as you learn to play the piano

Step 1

Decide whether or not you want to learn to play songs on the piano with a teacher or through an online method. Many people choose to learn piano online, however, it can be quite impersonal and a little bit awkward. Learning online vs. studying with a private piano teacher is a decision that you have to make.

Step 2

If you are interested in learning piano online, make sure that you research the different types of online piano courses that are available to you. There are some reputable, highly effective online piano courses, however, some are not worth it.

Step 3

Decide what types of songs you want to learn to play on the piano. Are you interested in classical music, jazz, rock and roll, or show tunes. This is important in building a focus as you embark in learning the piano.

Step 4

Decide how much time you will put into practicing the piano as you are learning. Make sure that you commit to this on a daily basis. Try to choose a set time every day for your piano practice.

Step 5

Make sure that you learn music theory and technique as well as learning how to play songs on the piano. This is the foundation of learning piano, and you should make sure you incorporate this into your piano study.

Step 6

Visit and watch others play songs on the piano. Try to listen to the music, watch their technique, their style, and artistry. Watch both professional and amateurs play the piano. It will be fun for you as well.

In conclusion, learn how to play songs on the piano is not easy, however it is exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. Enjoy yourself and have fun as your learn to play the piano!

Tips & Warnings

Do not give up! You may get frustrated at times, but learning to play songs on the piano is a challenge and it can take some time before things start falling into place for you.