A lot of people prune their beard using one of two methods. The first method makes use of a pair of scissors and the second uses a beard trimmer. You combine both methods to achieve a stylish looking beard or just one of the methods because it depends on your preferences.

For the perfect results you will need to take some required steps rather than rushing in to trim your beard. First, ensure that your beard is clean. You should rinse and shampoo it. Pat dry and ensure your beard is fully dry before you trim it. If using scissors, start by combing your beard all along the direction of beard growth, this untangles hair and helps prepare it for trimming. Begin brushing downward from the ear and use the scissors to trim any hair appearing through the comb. Next, do precisely the same on the other side of your face. When both sides are done, move to the hair surrounding the chin.

Generally, scissors are only great for cutting length and they don't work as well if you wish to thin or taper a thick beard. As men's grooming has advanced, more people have switched to using beard trimmers as they are designed specifically for this task. Beard trimmers are quickly becoming an essential male grooming kit accessory and are available in many local stores or online.

An electric beard trimmer makes it easy to thin out a beard as well as sculpt it. Most trimmers have settings or add-ons to enable you to prune a beard to the preferred length. Before trimming, you should decide just how much hair you want to cut and use the appropriate length attachment for it. After you have checked the right attachment is in place, you can begin trimming. You should trim towards the jawline in the direction of hair growth. Do this on both sides prior to moving on to the hair underneath the chin.

With different lengths of selectors available, it's fantastic to select a larger length until you gain confidence and experience. Remember, it is far better to prune a small amount off initially rather than trimming too much. A useful practice to get into is to use a comb as this can ensure your beard remains tangle free and make the trim much smoother. You can also use a beard trimmer to thin your beard regularly and provide definition for its shape. If you prefer, you may use the trimmer without attachments to achieve a stubbled look.

It is difficult to achieve complete symmetry until you are familiar with using a trimmer. It is best to trim your beard within a well lighted spot to make it less difficult to achieve a symmetrical finish. To avoid a patchy and untidy beard, hold the trimmer securely and let it glide over your face. Over time, because you get used to the trimmer and be more self-confident using it, you can experiment with different styles and give the impression it was done by a professional.