Discovering what are the best support knickers for women is the secret behind displaying an enviable silhouette no matter what outfit you wear. You already know that sleek styles look their best without unsightly bulges. Unfortunately, the female body is as unique as the woman's personality. That makes it difficult to wear many apparel styles with confidence.

That’s where support knickers save the day. Shapewear makes it possible to look like you possess the trim profile you’d have if you lived at the gym. Since most women are too busy to make that look a reality, a nice pair of support knickers can tame a midriff and lift a sagging bum.

Defining Support Underwear

These useful articles of clothing come in a range of styles. Some look like larger panties and help keep the hips, bum and abdomen in check. Others are designed to extend along the lt to help the wearer achieve separation between the thighs. Others stretch upward to encompass the bust, providing lift.

How Much Support Is Enough?

Most women will invest in a number of different waist cinchers and other forms of shapewear. The amount of definition you want to attain will dictate how restrictive the support underwear you choose will be. Light control styles give a slight nip and tuck to make a dress hang precisely. These styles are comfortable and not much of a struggle to put on. Other styles feature a high level of control. Discomfort while wearing these styles is frequent thanks to their extreme binding power. Nonetheless, many women feel that the discomfort is a small price to pay for looking their best.

When Should Shapewear Be Worn?

Some women wouldn’t dream of ever leaving the house without this helpful lingerie even when they’re wearing jeans. Many women are now pairing such underwear with leggings, which are popular right now. Occasionally, shapewear is worn to work to make trousers hang perfectly. By far the most prominent use of such styles is in the evening when a night at the theater or a special dinner is planned. The point is that shapewear can be worn anytime and for any occasion when a woman feels that she needs a boost of confidence.

Is Shapewear Attractive?

Most of these styles are known more for their ability to battle the bulge than they are for looking attractive once your clothing is removed. Similarly, the shapewear industry does not excel at providing colorful choices. White, black and beige seem to be the standard. Nonetheless, it is possible to find styles that feature lace and pretty colors, which are perfect for those times when someone else might be seeing you in your underwear without your clothes.

The Best Styles

Most reviews suggest that among shapewear brands, Spanx is the best. Their Power Panties are inexpensive and work like magic. Difficult to put on and take off, this style gets low marks for comfort, but it’s absolutely amazing how slimming they are. Just remember that you may not be able to put on your shoes and socks once you’re wearing this style because it will be impossible to bend down.

Another popular style is the Boned Shaper by Wacol. Boning is one of the oldest silhouette tricks in the book. It was used in corsets just a few decades ago, and now it’s back with modern shapewear. The boning in this piece provides a trim waistline that any woman would love to have and is certain to draw the eyes of men everywhere.

Bargain hunters are likely to fall for the White Control Briefs by Flexees. This is not an all-encompassing style that will control every part of the torso. Rather, this style is meant to flatten the tummy and lift the bum, at which it succeeds admirably, and at an impressively low price. This brand also makes the Comfort Controlwear Large Black Briefs. This style nicely covers the torso to give an all over shapely appearance.

DKNY’s Black Control Shorts provide excellent coverage for the bottom, thighs and abdomen. This is a fairly comfortable style, but provides less control than some of the more restrictive models. Additionally, this pair of shorts costs a bit more than some of the other styles. Nonetheless, women who need a light amount of control and are seeking the comfort of a recognizable brand name may find this style is ideal.

La Senza offers a Shapewear Bodydress that may make it difficult to walk, but nonetheless provides excellent control. It’s perfect for pairing with a little black dress or to put under a summer sundress when looking trim is ideal.

At Marks and Spencer, the Black Firm Shaping Knickers don’t look attractive, but they give you the shape you deserve. Uncomfortable to wear, these amazing styles provide the high degree of control that’s necessary when looking your best is an absolute must. With a flat tummy and a lifted bottom on display, you won’t mind being uncomfortable for a few hours.

UK Websites that Sell Shapewear

Whether you’re looking for a style that will go with a strapless gown or one that will pair perfectly with a supportive bra, the Marks and Spencer website is likely to be your go to choice. This well-known store features a better selection than most small boutiques and offers better pricing too. In addition to the usual, relatively unattractive shapewear styles, Marks and Spencer also features a wide selection of pretty styles in gorgeous colors and with plenty of lace. Most of the well-known brands are represented here. The website is easy to use and provides images to make the shopping experience a successful one.

The Daxon website is another excellent resource for women who want to look their best. The range of brands and styles here is truly remarkable. Frequent discounts are offered, and the comprehensive sizing chart makes choosing the right fit a breeze. In addition to support knickers, this website also sells support tights, high-waisted briefs and longline bras for the ultimate in versatility.

The Shapewear Advantage

When you want to look your best, support knickers and other control underwear are the best answer. They remove unsightly bulge and provide control where it’s needed most. With the creation of a sleek silhouette, any woman in the UK can be red carpet ready in an instant.