Picking out what make up colors look good with your complexion can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to choose the right makeup for you.
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
•    Samples

Take a good look at yourself. Do you have rosy cheeks? The makeup colors that will look good How to Apply Concealer and FoundationCredit: Pink Moose http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkmoose/2092546093/with your complexion are shades of pink or purple blush and lipstick (these are called cool colors) so choose makeup in these colors. Do you have olive (slightly yellow or peach) skin? The makeup that will look best are shades of orange (these are warm colors) so buy makeup in these colors. If you are not sure, try holding up a white paper to your skin. This can create a contrast for even the fairest complexion when all you see normally is pale skin.

Find colors that will look good with your complexion.  Compare makeup colors to find what will look best. When you are looking at samples, hold 2 colors beside each other. Reds and neutral colors of makeup are not all created equal. Some reds are on the purple side because they have blue in them. Some red colored makeup are on the orange side because they have yellow in them. As stated above, purple makeup looks better with a rosy complexion, and orange looks more natural on olive skin.

Try on different shades of makeup. An easy way to test 2 close shades of orange lipstick and which color will look good with your complexion is to draw a small line on your wrist with the makeup, and rub it in a bit. If it blends well, it is a good makeup shade for you. If it looks like you spilled paint on yourself, the contrast of the makeup does not work with the natural hue of your skin. The same can be done when powdering on blush, or rubbing in pancake makeup. Good luck!

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