If you are thinking of taking off and backpacking your way around different countries or just backpacking around your own country there are a few things you need to learn.


Do not throw too much stuff into your backpack in case you might need it. That is not wise; remember you will be walking with that on your back for many miles especially if you cannot get a ride. Carrying heavy loads on your back while walking in the rain or on very hot days will not make it a very happy holiday.


Knowing what to pack in your backpack before leaving for holidays will save you a lot of grief. At the same time not having warm clothes for the cold and windy days or cool garments for the hot weather will also make your trip very miserable.


Remember to pack the essentials first then if you find you need something extra buy it while in a less expensive town. That way you have not carried a heavy warm jacket while travelling through hot temperatures and not need it.


Backpacker hotels versus camping out


If you intend to stay in backpacker places then you will not need to carry bedding or tents. On the other hand if you camp out to save money you will require a sleeping bag, tent and some cooking implements.


When travelling with a companion you can share the load between you. Share the necessities and even out the weight and awkward articles like sleeping bags and tent.


Tips for choosing clothes to pack

It is important to take clothes that are versatile and can be worn in different ways for different reasons.

Polar shirts are a must- the collar can be turned up to block the wind and sun.

Long sleeved shirts-these will protect you from sunburn and mosquitos and can also be rolled up if the weather turns hot.

Buttoned shirts – can be rolled and worn buttoned or unbuttoned and worn for all occasions.

Tank or singlet style shirts- are ideal if hot or can be worn under other clothes to add warmth.

Moisture wicking or dry-flow shirts- These are designed to draw the sweat away from your body.

Heavy or light weight fleece jacket- This will depend on where your trip will take you. You can still freeze at night in some places even though it is over 40 degree temperatures during the day. So keep this in mind when packing, remember you can always buy a few things extra if needed. Scotch guard them before leaving home to repel the rain and keep you dry.

Polyester long trousers or track pants – these are lighter and dry quicker overnight. Leave the Jeans home as they are heavy and take too long to dry.

Lightweight polyester shorts- If you are the sporty type then pack 2 pairs.

Bulky jogger shoes- If you intend doing a lot of walking then wear these and pack the comfortable sandals. Sandals will wear better than thongs and last longer.


Choosing your Backpack

Travelling on buses, trains, and taxis with a 50kg or more pack is not easy and it will be heavy. They are not easy to manoeuvre and you will bang into people and need extra room to put it when catching a bus.


A lighter bag will enable easy access anywhere and will save you from breaking your back in the process. You have to learn to make do with the things you don't have. With a bit of juggling you will be an expert in no time.


You don't have to believe me, instead; why not stop a backpacker and ask for their opinion. You will be amazed on how much you can leave at home if you pick backpackers brains learning from their experience.


Yes you are compromising on the amount of room and limit yourself to the amount of things you can fit in a smaller bag. Believe me the ease of walking, travelling getting on and off transport will more than make up for not being able to pack 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pullovers and the sleeping bag.


Large bags are bulky and think about it you cannot dump a large backpack just anywhere. The smaller bags can go everywhere with you and reduce the risk of having anything stolen.


Suggested list of things to pack for hotel travel


When packing your backpack take into consideration the weather pack warmer clothes in the bottom and lighter summery clothes towards the top.


By having polyester clothing you can wash out at night and it will dry before the morning. So you can either wear something else or put back on again.


My suggestions for males or females

  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 Tee Shirt
  • 1 polo shirt
  • 1or 2 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 trousers or track pants
  • 2 shorts
  • 4 pairs undies 2 bras
  • 1 swim suit
  • 4 pairs socks
  • 1 light fleecy jacket or heavy (depending on weather) remember to waterproof it.
  • 1 Thermal shirt (if you feel the cold)


This will give you four changes of clothes and of course you can mix and match them to look like more outfits. By rinsing out your clothes each night when you shower you will have even more.

First Aid essentials

  • Bandaids
  • Small disinfectant (dettol or solyptol)
  • Sunburn cream
  • Mosquito deterrent
  • Small bandage


Personal Essentials

  • Small shampoo
  • Small conditioner
  • Comb
  • Deodorant


Torch – Buy a small windup owl one. You wind this up to increase the brightness of the light. This torch can also be used to charge up your phone which will come in handy if you don't have access to power.

Packing your bag

When packing your backpack take into consideration the weather. Pack warmer clothes in the bottom and lighter summery clothes towards the top if travelling in the summer.

Roll all your clothes up- Do not fold as rolling clothes reduces creasing.

Passports and money

Keep these safe in an inside backpack pocket, to give more protection from thieves.

When Backpacking you will also need to think of alterntive eating ideas like ready to eat meals

Tip:If you are a messy person it would be a good idea to buy floral or patterned clothes where possible they would not show soil marks as much.

I trust that this article will help you to know how and what to Pack in your Backpack before leaving for Holidays


If you are an International traveller going to other countries beware of the hidden dangers involved that you may not expect.