Paracord 550 cord is one of the essentials you should have with you at all times

Paracord 550 cord is one of the most useful things that you can take with you when you go hunting, fishing, camping or backpacking. It is one of the essential items that you should add to your bug out bag because it is so useful and versatile. When you buy paracord be careful that you are buying the real stuff and not a cheap, fake imitation.

Military grade paracord 550 cord is labeled as “MIL-C-5040H Type III”. Real military grade paracord has three yarns woven together to form a string that can hold 50 pounds of weight. One of these yarns is colored in order to identify the maker of the cord.  Seven of these strings are wrapped inside a sheath that can hold 200 pounds. The total weight that this paracord can hold is 550 pounds which is where it gets its name of 550 paracord. The cord is 5/32 inches in diameter making it small and light enough to take with you, yet strong enough for a variety of uses.

550 paracordCredit: amazon

Rothco 550lb Type III Nylon paracord 550 cord

The cheap knock-offs generally are not made as good as real military grade cord in order to cut costs. A lot of them have two yarns woven together instead of three, or fewer then seven strings inside the sheath. This makes the paracord 550 cord weaker than it should be. The fake stuff is usually made from cheaper nylon then the military spec paracord. When looking at paracord 550 cord take a close look at it and make sure that it has seven strands of three instead of two, and make sure at least one of them is colored.

There are many uses for paracord 550 cord such as:

* Building a shelter

* Making snares and traps

* Making fishing line

* Hanging stuff such as food

* Making tools such as bows, hammocks and slings

* Emergency climbing

* Securing gear and other items

* Making a net

This is just a small list of the many things that you can do with paracord 550 cord. I could write an entire book listing all the things that are possible with it. Some people like to weave paracord into bracelets, belts or necklaces so that they can always have some of it on hand for when they need it.

I don’t suggest that you use it as a necklace however. The reason is because this stuff is so strong, it could become a choking hazard, or you could accidentally hang yourself with it. If this happens you might not be able to break free because the cord is so strong and die.

I suggest that you have at least 100 feet of paracord 550 cord in your bug out bag. It is so light and compact that it weighs next to nothing, and it takes up very little space. It is also rot and mildew resistant which will increase its lifespan when compared to other types of cord. When you cut off a piece of cordage melt the ends to prevent it from fraying.

paracord 550 cord is something that you should take with you wherever you go because it is so versatile. During a survival scenario it is just as important as having a survival knife with you.