When ever we listen about this statement teeth whitening tricks, straight-away comes in the mind that is the techniques which have been developed over the time to rescue your teeth. Teeth problem is probably one of those issues which are most commonly found around the glob. Probably no dentist in the world can assure you the 100 percent treatment. People really don't bother about the pain they feel in there teeth, but they really have serious concern about their smile.

So the main problem regarding teeth is there color. In this article we will try to explore all possible teeth whitening tricks and will try to help you to find the best available solution. The solution could be a home based whitening trick or a professional treatment. Now a day's solution to almost every teeth problem is available. We will try to make comparison between both treatments. It's really up to the reader which is suitable for him because it varies case to case.

First we will discuss about the techniques which are available in dental science. What are the common problems of teeth?

i) Whitening problem

ii) Teeth pain problems

iii) filling techniques

Teeth Whitening Solutions in medical science:

A part from the tooth pastes available in the market, dental experts have more much more to offer for whitening solutions. Here are some teeth whitening tricks that dentists use for whitening teeth, laser treatment, filling, polishing etc. Laser treatment is used for serious cases, in which patients have such stains which are not easy to remove with normal treatments. In laser treatment the affected part of the tooth is removed and after that it is filled with the paste and then laser is applied to make it strengthen.

This treatment is normally used for the people who have fluoride affected teeth, in the areas where excess of fluoride is found, people usually have irremovable stains on their front teeth. I have experienced the same problem, and have tried the same treatment. For me losing point is that my two front teeth have become weaker.

The second treatment which is available for teeth whitening is polishing of teeth. It is one of the real teeth whitening tricks, as for my experience I haven't found this treatment that much effective. In this technique rest of your teeth are cleaned with the instrument which contains a needle at its end, with that needle teeth are cleaned. After cleaning teeth they apply some of bleach on your teeth and after applying bleach they use some sort of grinder or brush to give shining effect.

This treatment is effective only if by nature your teeth are white other vise if would not be effective. The biggest problem with both of these techniques is that they make your teeth weaker, and your teeth become sensitive too. Means after getting this treatment by these techniques it is more likely to happen that you are going to suffer while eating too cold or too hot things and there can be pain.

One of the other Teeth whitening tricks that dentists use is filling treatment. In filling treatment teeth are determined first whether the filling technique can be applied or not, criteria for examining is that if the teeth is discolored only from inside not inside then filling treatment can be used to rescue that tooth. Then they with the help of their instruments they empty the whole tooth from inside and then just fill it with a white gum which gives your teeth a whitening look.

This technique is great treatment for teeth whitening. I know few people who have been gone through this treatment, they are quiet satisfied with it. But this technique has the same problem that is it makes your tooth weaker too. It is fine to use it for single teeth but for the rest of the teeth at least I would not recommend this. Well for paint relief initially tablets are used to control the pain. But for permanent solution several solutions are available in the dental science, the most popular one is the root canal. In this treatment the dentists do some work on the roots of the teeth. This treatment is long term treatment. It may several days to be completed. For some cases this treatment is quiet successful but for some cases it is not. But in most cases it is successful.

Some natural treatment: there are many natural treatments available for different teeth problems, like pain, whitening issues etc. as for pains concern people use many things like brush teeth with roots which not only provide instant pain relief but also give permanent results for whitening issues. Other teeth whitening tricks like using baking soda and hydrogen per oxide are also found helpful in solving these problems.

Home remedies vs. professional dental treatment: well it is important thing to know that which treatment is better whether natural or dental treatment. Toth teeth whitening tricks have their own pros and cons. As for unnatural treatments concern they will make your teeth weaker and sensitive. I mean after having such kind of treatment you are not that free to drink any thing too cold or too hot. But the benefit of such treatment is that they will provide you with the desired results.

Where as natural treatments or homemade treatments have this benefit that they don't have many side effects as the other have as long as you are not dealing with acid treatments. But to get the desired result you need to apply this type of treatment for a long time. So the basic disadvantage of this type of treatment is that it requires much time to take effect. But be sure before you select unnatural treatments for your teeth, especially if you have weaker teeth, because after that treatment your teeth would become even weaker.

Consult a good dentist and explore other options before doing anything to your teeth, nowadays there are many treatments that won´t harm your teeth, but you have to make sure you use the best treatment within your needs. If that means teeth whitening tricks that can be done at home make sure they are not acid based because that would severaly harm the protective coat on your teeth and you would end up causing severe irreversible damage.