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Astral projection, fact or fiction? When I was 17 I became quite enamored of the idea of traveling without my body. It was the 70's and the people I viewed as adults were more into drugs than adults of the past. My parents weren't smoking marijuana. My friend's parents were another story. One of the fathers I knew even shared cocaine with his son. I was amused by an anti-drug piece the Reagan administration aired in conjunction with their "Just Say No" Campaign for TV. In the thirty second public announcement a horrified father is demanding from his son "Where did you learn this?" and the stoner son replies, "I learned it from you, Dad." It ended with a written (not spoken) by line of "If you do drugs, so will your kids." Well DUHHHHHH! Who is the announcement for? I wondered every time it came on. The parents I knew who got loaded with their kids didn't have any problem with it. They certainly never acted as horrified as the actor on TV.

So I was exposed, from a young age to all kinds of alternative thinking. The first time I experienced something akin to astral projection was when I was 14. I had a friend I was very close to. She refused to visit me at my house because I had a cat. She claimed she was "deathly" allergic to cat dander. She claimed that even being around me after I had been around the cat was hard for her. I say "claimed" because when she was 30 she got her own pet cat, and acted blissfully unaware of any allergy issues. She was a strange girl, and a heroin addict, which may have something to do with our astral projection experience.

On a warm summer night I left her house at about 2am and rode my bicycle home, because of course at 14, I couldn't drive. I liked biking at night there was so much less traffic. What little there was I could see better because of the headlights. The ride refreshed me. Although I had been sleepy when I left her house, I felt wide awake as I slipped into my bedroom. I sat their reading a book when a frightening feeling overcame me. I was too scared to move. I looked up at the door to my bedroom and saw nothing. I had my bedside reading lamp on, I could clearly see, there was no one in the room except me. Still, for an inexplicable feeling I was so afraid I worried I would pee my pants. I felt an unknown entity in the room, which moved forward from the door towards me. It approached my bookcase. A piece of paper fluttered down from the shelf, although the window was shut and there was no breeze in the room. Then the entity started moving again, away from the bookcase and toward my bed! Still I saw nothing, not even the air moving.

I was so afraid I thought I would pass out, as the entity then climbed into bed with me! It was only a twin bed. Having the thing in such proximity to me washed a flood of relief over me. I was instantly exhausted and don't even remember falling asleep. The best I can describe it, it was like when a hypnotist snaps his fingers and people suddenly droop like ragdolls.

The next day at school my friend, the one who's house I had left, I'll call her "Missy," told me she had a very strange dream after I left. When I asked her what time that was, it turned out she was dreaming at exactly the same moment I had been awake in bed. She said she dreamt she had come to visit me at my house, and that she didn't understand why I looked so frightened to see her. She said she walked over to my bookshelf, and knocked a paper off of the shelf, but I still was sitting saucer-eyed in bed, my jaw open in shock, and she couldn't understand why I wouldn't be happy to see her. She said the dream ended when she climbed into bed with me. I asked her if she could describe the bedroom, a room she had never visited in real life. Her description was accurate despite no prompting my from me. It was then that I told of my experience the night before.

At 17 I found a book in a metaphysical bookstore called "Astral Projection." I long ago lost it, or gave it away, yet I still remember the matter of fact instructions. Start out small, the author recommended, just going down the hallway. It can be frightening to some people to leave their bodies. He described the manner of going down the hallway as an exercise in memory. Pay attention to every detail, he suggested, the more the better, the bumps in the rug, the color, the smells.

He had an alternate method that involved hooking to someone else. That sounded more like what happened to me and Missy. He suggested you concentrate very strongly on that person, imagining most especially their hands. Remembering details was key. When you achieve being able to visual every aspect of their hand, the smell, the weight, the skin etc., you enter their body via their hand and travel up through the blood stream to their eyes. Once there, you should be able to view the room, as your friend is viewing it.

I practiced by using a friend I knew in Honolulu. As I got to the part where I could see the room he was in, I would send him a message to call me long distance. At that time long distance called from Hawaii had a slight second lag to them. We couldn't both speak at the same time because his words needed to complete transmission first. When I got him on the phone I described his room, one I had never visited.