Dust mites are likely to be found in homes that are warm and humid.  They live in places like our carpets, bedding, sofas, mattresses, pillows, curtains as well as our children's stuffed animals.  They are very tiny organisms that feed on the dead cells in our body.  In this article you will learn how you can identify allergies caused by dust mites.

Dust mites excrete a lot of waste material which we inhale each day.  In most cases, we are usually unaware when this is happening.  Now and then you may find that your nostrils have become very irritated and that's due to the brand of protein that their waste produces.  Our level of immunity becomes very susceptible to this protein, due to this.  Our body reacts by irritating the nasal passage making us sneeze whenever we inhale this waste material coming from the dust mites.

Also accompanying the sneezing can be quite a runny nose.   Or at least treated in time, severe breathing problems may occur.  In addition to that we still may have to be concerned about dust mite allergies reacting to your skin which could cause dust mite bites.

Other symptoms may include rubbing of those nose, nasal congestion, hay fever,  swollen skin below the eyes, pain in front, pressure within the facial muscles, a cough and itchy watery eyes.  If left unattended, each one of these symptoms can lead to asthma. 

Asthma can take place for the reason that protein in the waste material of many dust mites cause continuous irritation by the nasal passage.  If the happens, the reactions that occur are tightness by the chest, chest pains, breathing problems, flu,  inability to sleep, bouts of wheezing and shortness of breath.

If you are constantly contacted by areas with dust mites or if there is a roots or history of allergies that runs in your family, then you are with a higher risk of getting stricken by most of these allergies.  Although they may not necessarily become severe, it cannot be canceled.  In case you have some of these types of symptoms they are in need of for being treated immediately.

In terms of children are concerned, they can be susceptible to affected by dust mites allergies.  As a way to prevent them from coping with the repercussions of many severe symptoms which could happen presently, it's best to possess them tested from a young age.

I really hope this article helped you  to learn how to identify dust mites allergy symptoms.  If not handled, you will see which kind of problems you should take care of later on.