Bird feeders and the ability to attract birds to your backyard is a must for any and all bird enthusiast. This article will go over how to make your own bird seed bells so that you can save money, start a new hobby and attract birds constantly to your yard with only a little effort on your part to make that all happen. Bird seed bells make for great feeders because there is no cleanup needed, no maintenance, you can hang them pretty much anywhere and of course, with the right ingredients, you can attract the birds you want to your bird seed bells!

The first thing you will need to do to make your own bird seed bells is to make your mixture which you will later use to sculpt into your bell. Start out by making your own edible glue which will be a combination of mixing 3/4 cup of flour, one half cup of water and then 3 tablespoons of corn syrup. This will create a good base mixture which you can then add your ingredients too. Generally I would use peanuts, raisins or fruits in addition to adding in your bird seeds. Mix these ingredients with your edible glue that you made and put that mixture to the side for a minute.

Next you will need to take a two inch in diameter peat pot which will be used to form the bell structure. Set out wax paper in a location where the bird seed bell can sit and dry and then coat the peat pot with your mixture you created in the first step. Once you have the peat pot coated in your bird seed mixture set it on the waxed paper and let it dry for up to six hours. This will harden the mixture and you can start to see the bell take its form.

The last thing you need to do is now decorate your bird seed bell by taking needle and thread and begin to add items to let it take form. Use berries to serve as clappers and knot them to the top of the bird seed bell for decoration. Also create bows and tie them on to the middle and top to give the bow a little color and decoration. Finally using ribbon tie one big bow on the very top which can be used as a hanger for when you go outside and hang these bird seed bells from a tree.