Smart skill learning options

Twenty years ago, when I decided to study English as my third language, there were virtually no smart language courses available. One could only learn using books and tapes and watch films in English on TV. Learning a new language used to be very difficult and time consuming. In 1990s, Internet changed everything. Language students no longer need to listen to tapes and great educational videos are available online at no cost. Free video games such as Word Drop can be used to improve and expand one's English vocabulary in a funny and entertaining way.

Language training is just one example of a smart use of multimedia and internet. If you do not like languages you can still benefit from smart and free ways of skill improvement. Math is one of the most difficult school subject but if you know a game called Math Shooter, it will suddenly become a piece of cake. Adding, subtraction, multiplication and division can be improved very fast and in a most entertaining way - by playing a computer game.

What about observation skills? Can they be improved by playing video games? Of course! There are many great Mahjong and other pair matching games, which can help you improve your observation.

Sometimes you need to cut your response time. Learning new tricks in this field used to be very difficult. But with free games like Bubble Struggle or Cactus McCoy you now have an opportunity to improve your response time dramatically.

And these are just video games. What about videos? Can videos be educational?

One of my friends really wanted to learn to play the piano. However as he lives in a small village in the mountains and he cannot drive two or three times a week 25 kilometers to have his piano lesson with a real teacher, he is using a series of video piano training courses and is learning to play the piano the virtual way. Every other week he then goes to see his "human" piano teacher, who gives him some valuable advice and checks his progress.

Other people use videos to learn how to create a Facebook page or even how to perform a surgery. Internet has changed our lives very much and there are now many smart free learning tools available online, which can be used to learn anything and anytime we need.