Once you've spread the adhesive and you have it down in place, hold it still for a few seconds and then leave it to dry and continue on with the next piece. Repeat, until the project is complete, and leave it to dry over night, obviously depending on the type of adhesive purchased, as some can take longer than others to dry.

We're ready to grout:

Follow the directions that are specific to the grout you have purchased.

Once you're pieces are all glued firmly in place, open the grout (I use my hands to spread the grout, but they tend to get beat up in the process) and lay it on with either your hands or a tool that will evenly spread the grout over the pieces. I used to try to conserve my grout and only place it between the cracks, but that can literally take hours instead of minutes, by spreading it over top of the entire piece. Once that is done I take a warm damp wash cloth and begin removing the excess grout on the tile, while smoothing over the grout lying between the cracks. Once the tiles are cleaned off I let it dry.

Often you will notice that once the grout has dried, that either the grout will seep down too far in the cracks or perhaps there may be little bubbles or small holes in the grout as well. In most cases the grout will have been watered down by the previous step. In order to fix the holes or fill the grout in to match the surface of the tile, you may have to reapply, this time being a little more strategic as to where you place the grout. I tend to just place the second batch of grout over the problem areas, and leave the rest as it is. Do not spend the time, energy, or money re-grouting the entire piece, as in most cases this will not be necessary. Once you have applied the grout a second time do not use or add any water. Once the second application has dried you can always use your knife to scrape off any excess dried up grout. Sometimes you may notice a filmy white residue left behind from the initial grout application, in that case take a lightly damp cloth and clean all the tiles around the grout for a cleaned and polished look. At this point you will have the majority of your project complete.

Learn the art of tile mosaicing on a budget pt 3