Be Your Own Boss and Become a Producer, not a Consumer

Execution Breeds Success

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Being an internet entrepreneur requires 3 things: patience, persistance, and passion. You must have patience because learning about the tools at your disposal will require time and sacrifice. The sacrifice of putting effort towards growing a business, while your friends are out spending the week's paycheck at the bar, or the sacrifice of keeping the TV off while 'The Donald' entertains the rest of the world by deciding whether to fire Meatloaf or Lil' John. You must be persistant because this stuff is hard for the average person to learn. You need to force yourself to learn difficult concepts just like anything in life, because once you know it, it can be applied in many different ways. You must also have a passion for something. This can include absolutely anything you have been doing in your life, and having the ability to teach it, and provide value to others.

Avoiding herd mentality and being different will make you wealthy. High barriers to entry are what scare most people and turn them away from the possibilities that lie ahead. That's why so many businesses thrive on making things simpler for people. I have always been one to teach myself how to do something, because once you know how to do it, it stays with you for the rest of your life, and you are able to levarage this knowledge by doing it for others or teaching it to others for something in return. The following is a list of the MUST LEARN elements to web design:

  1. HTML/CSS: The foundation for what you see on the internet. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the code that produces what you are reading right now, and how it is structured on a page. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is what makes it pretty 'n stuff. It customizes layout, color, font, etc. My favorite place to learn code is 
  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is what your website needs to be ranked in major search engines' organic results. Keywords, tags, domain names, links, etc. are all determinants of your page rank. There is a wealth of free information, find it, learn it.
  3. Website Building Tools: Making a website can be done in a number of different programs. I'm sure you've heard about Wordpress for blogs, but I personally use Dreamweaver CS5 from Adobe. It has higher levels of customization, and higher barriers to entry (cost and learning curve.)
  4. Domain/Hosting: Unless you have thousands of dollars worth of server equipment in your storage closet, you will need a company to host your website. A domain name will be the address of your website which can be attained through a number of services like GoDaddy.
  5. Monetization: This can be achieved when there is adequate traffic coming to your site. Study ways to monetize such as; affiliate or direct marketing, lead generation, membership programs, e-mail lists, etc., and you will have a better understanding of how you can be compensated. 

Again, this article is only meant to trigger action inside an aspiring entrepreneur's mind, by learning the basics of web development. The ideas will begin to churn inside your head the more you learn, and working the 9 to 5 will become less and less appealing. Kaizen!