There are two important things to bear in mind as far as horses are concerned. First, they are prey animals; their primal instinct is fear for their lives and safety. This means that everything can and may translate to danger for the horse – be it a sudden movement, noise, confined spaces, unfamiliar surroundings etc. Thus one objective for studying equine behavior is learning how to make an animal that is by default scared and jumpy to one that is calm, smart and brave. The second important thing to remember is that horses are herd animals.  They look for strong, clear leadership and they like to know who among the herd they should follow.   Thus the second objective to studying horse courses is learning how to gain the horse’s trust so that you can assume leadership making it easier for the animal to follow you and do as you ask.  

These are the two reasons why people enroll in horse behavior courses. Many horse ranch owners have realized that there are more nuances to training horses than was originally believed. Many professionals working in the field and some of the more senior ranch workers are taking the courses to keep themselves updated with new developments. The advent of equine behavior online courses has made things easier.  Those taking the courses need not revolve their schedule around the classes to the detriment of their work. Since the courses are self paced, the learners can study more when their work load permits and cut back when needed. Since they are already practitioners, they can immediately see the theory being applied in their work. Also, the courses do not cost as much as having to take them in a physical campus. Of course the challenge with studying courses online is that it requires more effort from the learner. However this should not be a problem especially for workers/professionals who are already working with horses. Lastly, more and more employers are recognizing the quality of learning obtained from online courses. 

Horse psychology courses will not necessarily make the learners into horse whisperers but it will help them deepen their understanding of such a complex animal.  With workers having better insight into horses, this in turn will lead to increased productivity for the businesses which work with horses. This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone – especially the horses.