Be the Envy of the Neighborhood!


So you are planning to host a barbecue this weekend, but you don't know where to start? Well with these important tips, you'll know how to host a barbecue that will leave your friends and family happy as well as full.  Mastering these techniques will build your reputation of being a grill master.  With a little planning, having the right grill, following important safety tips, and some grilling know how, you will be sure to have a great barbecue.


First off, you need to make sure you are planning ahead for this barbecue. Think about who you are going to invite and then theme it based on that. If you're inviting over a bunch of your friends to watch the Super Bowl and eat some burgers, then just keep it casual, but still put some football atmosphere to your house. Once you've got your atmosphere set, it's time to actually pay attention to what people are going to eat. You should try to get more than just burgers. Think about grilling up some seafood and vegetables. More is always better, and if you add in some vegetables, people can get some healthy greens with their meal. Lastly, don't be cheap with anything you buy. Get all the good stuff. Go to your local butcher and get good, high quality meat and sea food. Your guests will be very appreciative of all your great tasting food. It will be a combination of your amazing grilling skills as well as the high quality food you bought in the beginning. Overall, just make sure you are planning your barbecue ahead of time so that everything comes out great. You don't want to be fumbling half an hour before everyone is going to come over. Plan ahead and your barbecue will be great. 

The Right Grill for You

A quick word about the importance of your barbecue grill.  Remember, your friends and family will be eating the food that you pull off of this grill.  You want them to eat with confidence that they aren’t ingesting rust, mold, or other disgusting things, and not worry about spending the next five days knowing where the nearest toilet is located.  You can’t have people over for barbecue and have a rickety barely held together dinosaur of a grill.  Remember the true measure of a man, is his grill.  That’s why you want a grill that looks just as good as it cooks.  One of our favorite grills at Grill Nation Reviews is the Weber Genesis E-310.  With a grill like the Weber Genesis E-310 you will definitely create grill envy.  The Weber Genesis series of grills are recognized by grill aficionados as having an excellent tradition of building great grills.  If you are grilling for a large group, you need a large cooking space and the Weber Genesis E-31 has a primary cooking area of 507 square inches and a warming rack space of 130 square inches for a total grilling space of 637 square inches.  Also, features 3 stainless still burners and is capable of 38,000 BTU’s.  The porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate provide both food safety and long lasting grilling surface.  Finally, the individual electronic ignition system makes firing up your barbecue a piece of cake.  

The Right Fuel

At this point, you're going to need to think about what will actually be going on at the barbecue. If you are having people over just to hang out and have a good time, it's a good idea to think about some entertainment you're going to provide. Just talking to your friends may be enjoyable for a while, but providing some real entertainment is always a good idea. This way everyone will have a great experience and come back when you're hosting another barbecue! Also, you need to get some good wood/charcoal for grilling. Using the right kind of wood or charcoal and in the correct way will really make a difference in the taste of your meat. So to make sure all your meat comes out to be the very best that it can, get high quality wood/charcoal. If everything is the best that it can be, your guests will be very pleased and will definitely come back another time.

Safety First

So now that your house is themed and you've got all your entertainment and food, you're ready to actually start cooking. The most important thing to remember is to be safe. Don't screw around with the coals or fire and get a huge roaring flame. You don't want to burn someone at your barbecue. Also, make sure you are cooking all of the meat thoroughly. The last thing you'd want is for a guest to get some kind of infection from undercooked meat. If you are unsure if the meat is done or not, just get a thermometer to check the temperature of the inside of the meat. If it's cold on the inside then just keep cooking. It's better to have something be a little overcooked than undercooked. You also won't want to move the meat around very much. Don't play with the food while you are cooking it because if you continue to move it, it won't get cooked very well. Just leave the meat be unless you are flipping it over or moving it off the grill. When you do finally move the meat off the grill, there's one thing you need to remember. All of your food will continue to cook when you take it off the heat. So don't have everything completely and fully cooked while it's on the grill. Leave it a little bit less done than you want it so that when it comes off the grill it'll cook itself to the perfect point. Plan ahead while grilling so all of your meat comes out great.

Overall, the steps to becoming the grill master are fairly simple. Just make sure you plan ahead, have a reliable grill, follow important safety steps,  and follow the grilling tips that are provided in this article. So, get out there and grill up a great barbecue!