First Things First

In order to be productive you have to look at what you are good at before you do anything else. What kinds of hobbies do you enjoy?  How can you integrate your hobbies into your daily life and make your life more productive.   The things you are good at can and will make you money if you can become an expert in it. Of course, this will vary depending on your talents.  

What is an expert?  An expert is someone who has an education or has experience in a particular area.  These people not only know but they can speak and provide others with the information they know.  This can be done verbally, in written expression, or it can be done by performing the acts need to produce a service or a product.  This is sometimes called a person’s talent. 

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Working With Your Talents and Interests

Some people may have a talent of making others laugh.  They make their friends laugh and may become a comedian.  They may try their hand at stand up comedy and fail, but they might have made a few dollars along the way.  This does not necessarily mean the person is an expert at making others laugh.  When they can do this and have some success is when the person may be called a professional.  Some people are great at baseball and can take that talent to the professional level and make millions.  This is where you should start.  Start with what you are good at. If you never try, you will never make a penny doing it.

Look around your home and see what kinds of projects you've been working on. The projects you are working on can be something of interest to you.  It may be you are really good at doing home projects and can provide this service to someone else.  It may be you are one of those people that start many projects but get nothing done.  Each situation gives you valuable information about your talents and weaknesses. 

Think back to school and try to remember the subjects that you enjoyed the most. This will be what you should start working on. The subjects in school that you enjoyed will be more interesting to you and you may find it easier to get back into the swing of things in that field of work. 

It may be a little time consuming to list every single thing you're good at, but it will help you to identify what you need to work on the most to be successful. The journey of a thousand  miles begins with the first step.  That step should be a look at what is within your vicinity and your environment.  

Turning Your Talents into Money

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Do you think that any of your skills can lead to wealth in the future? You can
easily figure this out by looking for jobs in your area that relate to the
skills that you want to work on. You want to look in general at first and get more specific as you find an area of interest.  For instance, if you enjoy psychology, there may not be a mental health facility near you, but there is a nursing home in the next town.  Working in a nursing home does require some knowledge of psychology.  This experience can give you more time to find the more specific job you would like to have.   

If you cannot find any then you may have to look elsewhere. Perhaps you would be good at computers, but there are no computer jobs where you live. If you're willing to relocate then this is a fine career choice, but if not then you may not become wealthy unless you start your own business.  

You may very good at acting like Brad Pitt.  However, in Springfield, Missouri there are very few opportunities to make money at acting.  Brad Pitt had to move from Springfield, Missouri to California and the rest is history or at least a show on the Biography Channel.

You may find that helping out other people can lead you to becoming successful. Some of the highest paying professions are people that help others, like doctors. I am a psychologist and realized this was a talent I had growing up and in my first years of college.  I took my talents and abilities and set it into motion to gain a career as a psychologist.  

You could also gain a lot of insight as to how life can be rough for others that aren't successful by volunteering and helping the less fortunate. It can give you some perspective as to how wealthy you really are since you're not in as bad of a position as some people.  I volunteered at the local Salvation Army and soup kitchens in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, when I was an undergraduate.  I was raised poor but realized I had "riches" that others would die for. This insight helped me realized I wanted to help other improve their situation. 

Achieving Success

Becoming more successful isn't something that will happen for you overnight. These get rich quick schemes rarely work.  When people tell you success is easy, turn and walk away.  I am not saying it isn’t simple.  The process is simple, but you have to work hard and work smart.  I did not just wake up some day and have a doctorate degree and license to practice psychology. I had to work for it.  I had to work harder than the person who is very intelligent.  The person who wants milk does not take a stool and bucket and go sit out in a cow pasture waiting for the cow to come to him.  He has to do some work to get the milk.  You will have to do the work to get the productivity you want.  Eventually it may happen, but you have to develop some skills first.

You have to learn to manage money, first of all. If you cannot make more money than you spend then you'll never become wealthy. Learn to put your money into things that you know will be profitable.  You know yourself better than anyone.  You should use some part of your money each year as an investment in yourself.    

You will also have to learn how to manage time, in the same since that you learn to manage money.  You will have to make great use of your time or you will not become successful.  Learn to manage your time and you will see this can be where success comes from.  Money can come and go, but time, once it is gone, is gone forever.  

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Another thing you need to learn is to work well with others. If you cannot build relationships in the workplace then you'll never get ahead at what you're trying to do.  These might not be your dreams of success.  You will have to determine what success means to you and then set those wheels into motion.  You ability to communicate with others will allow you to use resources beyond your immediate knowledge base.  Two heads are better than one, it is said.  What this really means is if you can utilize the knowledge of other people, you can achieve more.

You should find out what you believe in. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. I know this is a very overused cliché’, but it holds true.  You need to have causes that you believe in strongly. Do not play both sides of the fence because this never works out. A Chinese proverb says "he who chases two rabbits, catches none." People respect those who have strong opinions on certain ideas, even if they necessarily do not agree with them. These causes also give you something to live for, to strive for, and to achieve.  

Along the same lines, you should always practice what you are preaching. When
people find out that you are a hypocrite, they will no longer respect you. Although it can be difficult to always stand by your beliefs, you should.  Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for his beliefs.  Yes, he was shot on the streets of Memphis, but he stood for his principles. Even though he was shot down, he stands taller than most men.

Do not neglect acquiring wisdom from others. The wisest people understand that
they do not know everything; therefore, they gladly welcome advice from others. The best way to know what is at the end of the road is to ask those coming back.  You should do the same. Otherwise, you could be missing out on crucial advice that can help you achieve a certain goal you have.

You should avoid talking too much. Wise people understand that learning comes
from closing your mouth and listening, not talking. If you are talking, you are
missing out on important wisdom that could be of great assistance.  Everything you have to say, you already know.  If you are quiet and listen to others, you may learn something along the way.  In addition, people naturally think that quiet people are smarter because they are soaking in knowledge. This may not be true, but the optics are there.  Finally, if you talk when you really do not know what you are talking about, you are showing other people your ignorance. When you are not talking, people can't know for certain whether you are ignorant. When you open your mouth, you remove any doubt.

You should avoid being selfish. Unfortunately, this is not easy because people are naturally selfish. The best way to overcome this is to understand that the world does not revolve around you. All the living things here are not meant to serve you. Instead, you should be working hard to help others. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.  God put you on Earth to help others.  If he had put you here to help yourself, you could have been placed on a deserted island. 

Finally, always pursue your dreams. If you want to become a doctor, lawyer, or psychologist, go for it. Do not make excuses that you cannot do it. Whenever you make excuses, you won't succeed. When you don't believe in yourself, you won't succeed. Although goals can be difficult to accomplish, you should not allow their difficulty to prevent you from pursuing them. By not trying, you could be missing out on an incredible life. Don't live life in the shadows. Take center
stage and live a full, enriching life. Even when you reach for the stars and fail, your feet still got off the ground. 


The excellent advice provided in the above article will significantly help you become a wiser, better, human being. Benjamin Franklin told stories to become healthy, wealthy, and wise. Although you have read this article, you should still be seeking out new wisdom in order to become the best individual you can be. The personal development journey should be one that continues through the rest of your life.  Read more books and articles on productivity.  I have some good articles on this platform.  Check them out at  Don’t just check on my articles.  There are some wonderful writers and people on Infobarrel.  Check them all out.  The more you can do to increase your productivity, the more you can move toward becoming a success. Make today and everyday a great day.  Lead the Level 10 Life.  

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