Sooner or later every driver needs to buy auto tires. Whether due to a flat or just excessive wear auto tires just don't last forever. For the inexperienced finding the right auto tires can be a confusing task. Prices range from the ridiculously cheap to very expensive. Read on to learn what to look for when buying auto tires.

Things You Will Need

- You need to know the size of your current auto tires
- The weight of your vehicle if buying 'low profile' auto tires

Step 1

How many auto tires do you need?

Decide if you need 1, 2, 3 or 4 auto tires. If you have a flat just replace the one tire, unless the others are nearing the end of their useful life then replace all the auto tires. The thing to remember if not replacing all of your tires is to make sure all the auto tires are of the same class and speed rating (see steps 4 and 5).

Step 2

What size auto tires should you get?

Obviously going with the same size tires is the easiest thing to do. Low profile auto tires are popular today, if you decide to get these make sure the auto tires can handle the weight of your vehicle. Another thing to consider is that on many modern cars the onboard computer handles traction control, so don't deviate by more than 5% in size of the auto tires or you'll compromise safety.

Step 3

What type of auto tires should you get?

After you know the quantity and size of auto tires you'll get you need to decide on the type. All-season, summer or winter auto tires. Generally speaking you should get the type of auto tires to match the harshest driving you'll be doing. It's also common to own a set of winter tires and an all-season set, switching them out when the seasons change.

Step 4

Buy the right speed rated auto tires

All auto tires have a speed rating. S, T, U, H, V, W, Y and Z. The lower the letter the higher speed the auto tires are rated for. Up to that speed you'll have a quiet, comfortable and safe ride. Don't drive faster than your auto tires are rated for!

See, it's not that hard, just break down the decision by number of tires, size, class and speed rating. Once you do that choosing a great set of auto tires is easy. You'll find many more links on this page to help you choose some auto tires.

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