sew1Sewing is a wonderful craft to learn. If you can use a sewing machine there is no limit to the things you can create. There are many reasons a person should learn to sew. Besides being able to fix your own clothes when they become worn sewing is a great way to make gifts, charitable items, and home decor.Many people believe that it is too late for them to learn to sew and this simply isn't true. There are classes all over the internet that specialize in beginner sewing techniques and there may even be classes in your local community.

Sew to keep materials out of landfills.

Many people will throw away or give away clothes they have outgrown. While you may love the look of a garment it might not be exactly what you would wear. If you learn to sew you can create a garment you love. You can add embellishments, trim, patches or you can add colorful cuffs or beaded trim. You can change shorts into a skirt, or a sweater into pants for children, anything you can imagine can be created.

Sew to make your own accessories!

ikabagsWe women love to accessorize and that love is enhanced when you accessorize with items you made. It's great to have a purse that people will admire and not be able to get a copy of. The sewing you do will be created from your tastes in items, and will show your unique personality. You can create scarves, leg warmers, tote bags and hats with minimal sewing skills. One trip to a local thrift store spending $10.00 could fill up your wardrobe with accessories for every occasion. You won't feel guilty anymore about spending money on something you only wear or use at certain times of the year.

Sew clothes for your children.

abellawearsChildren are hard to shop for. They grow quickly and while a garment may fit in the length it may bulge or pucker in other places. Children often have a harder time wearing ill fitting clothing than adults. Children are teased by their peers and there isn't much we can do about this because some kids are just plain mean. I make my kid's clothes because of this. Many of the outfits look as if they came from an expensive boutique when they were made right in my kitchen. I let my kids look through books and magazines to pick the styles they like and then I recreate them into clothes they will wear with pride. I also make accessories for the kids that match so they will have something special that no one else has. When you get good at sewing clothes many other parents will ask you to make items for their children as well. Which leads me to the next reason you should learn to sew.

Sew to make money or for charity.

sew2I don't mean that you should open a boutique right away although you could. I am talking about other parents having the same problems with ill fitting clothes as you do. When people know you sew they might ask that you do alterations and compensate you for your time. Alterations is a great way to make money that pays for your craft materials. Many people pay high prices to have clothes tailored and there aren't many shops around that offer the service. Many people will wear clothes off the rack because they don't have another option.

Sew to create home decor.

haarkelsOne of the easiest things to learn to sew are items for home decor. You can sew blankets, table cloths, curtains, and a variety of other items in your home. You can make these things how you like them and best of all you can take inspiration from something else. It is easy to have a home that looks like a Home Interiors showcase room with a minimal amount of sewing technique and without the high price tag. Most things made for the home don't even need a pattern. A few hems and you can be well on your way to homemade items for the bedroom, bathroom, and beyond.

Sew because it makes you feel good.

For many people sewing is an escape. You can design and make products that change the way you feel in a room and the way you feel about yourself. There is a sense of accomplishment gained when you know that you have done a good job. You should also give yourself a pat on the back for being trendy while also being thrifty. Sewing doesn't have to be expensive and some of the most beautiful creations started as someones rags.

Follow these easy video lessons to Turn an Old Sweater into Childrens Pants or Make Infant or Toddler pants Without a Pattern.