Learn To Sew - Sewing by Hand or Machine

Learn to sew by beginning with very simple projects which incorporate straight lines and minimal amount of pattern matching and details. Both hand and machine sewing can be pleasurable endeavors which save money while allowing creativity in clothing. By mastering the basic concepts and understanding the terminology a true passion for sewing may easily evolve.

Ways to Learn to Sew

There are a few different ways to learn to sew available to most people. Ideally a friend or family member knows how and will be willing to act as a teacher for the basics. If not, there are books as well as lessons available both online and through local businesses such as sewing centers or they may be able to recommend someone who gives private lessons.

What Items are Necessary to Learn to Sew?

The items that are necessary to purchase if they are not already owned to learn to sew include:
Stitch ripper
Possibly a Sewing Machine
Iron and ironing board
Tape measure

The pattern and material should be the first things chosen when beginning a project, and the pattern will have information on the quantity of material that is required. Choosing a beginner or easy pattern for the first few times will result in a better experience for the beginning seamstress. The fabric is usually sold in various widths and cut from the bolts according for each order. Whoever is working in the store should be able to help with any questions when shopping as they too want your sewing to be a success.

Choosing material that is mostly cotton or has little stretch and is not slippery is ideal for beginning projects. Thread that matches or in some cases contrasts with the material depending on the desired effect will be needed as will any accessories such as buttons. Pins will be used to hold the pattern on the material when laying out and cutting. When laying out material prior to pinning, ensure the grain is straight. It is also often advisable to wash, dry and iron the material to reduce shrinkage if it will be washed later.

Learn to Sew Using a Sewing Machine

When using a sewing machine to learn to sew with the most basic models work best, and are often available at second hand stores. Choosing one that does basic straight stitches and a zigzag for finishing and that has the book included will help when threading the bobbin and the machine.

Begin to practice learning to sew with a machine with some old scraps of material of a similar weight to what will be sewn and that can be thrown away later to practice getting the tensions right as well as making the straight and curved lines which may be needed for the project. Practicing the zigzag on a folded or cut edge will ensure mastery of that as well. It works excellent for preventing frayed edges and will add longevity to the finished piece.

Online Courses to Learn to Sew

Online courses to learn to sew are available and may be offered through videos and ebooks. They often are divided into stages and may include courses for children as well as adults. Many begin as low as $7.99, although most are in the range of 20 dollars apiece. Depending upon your learning style this is a project that may be easier to learn from an actual person who you can interact with while laying out the pattern and material. Local classes vary in price, including occasional free ones, check with a local sewing center which many have information as well as through home extension services.

Learn to Sew For the Home

Many people learn to sew for the home and easy projects might include curtains and slipcovers or pillows. These projects usually consist of laying out patterns and most of the stitches are straight lines. Gatherings are easily done with a machine stitch, and can be made either from thread or through the use of a cord pulled between two straight lines. Premade pieces of cloth which allow the tenterhooks for drapes to be inserted are available to be sewn directly onto the material and will give support. These are very easy projects for beginning seamstresses and with each success the enjoyment from creatively transforming material into something useful will increase. Learn to sew to transform your home and wardrobe as well as for the relaxation and pleasure it brings.