Cooking bacon is not as easy as it seems

Most people take cooking bacon for granted as if it doesn't require much skill but I think it does--especially if you want to avoid making a big greasy mess and avoid undercooking or ovBaconercooking it.  By following the advice in this article, you should be able to cook bacon successfully (and enjoy eating it afterwards).

  • Prepping the strips before cooking them can be just as important as the way you cook it.  Take the bacon out of the fridge 30 minutes before you plan to separate it for cooking.  Working with room-tempurature bacon ensures easier separation and cooking of it.
  • Keep a close eye on the your strips while they're cooking.  This is one mistake I'm guilty of.  I get carried away with meal multi-tasking while cooking bacon which means I tend to overcook it and my family doesn't like it burnt.  It also helps to cook your bacon on medium heat to ensure crisp but not burnt bacon.
  • You should be flipping your bacon frequently as it cooks.  This ensures that it gets done evenly on both sides.
  • If you like your bacon crispy, buy it thinly sliced.  The same thinking applies for folks who don't like theirs crispy--only they should choose bacon that has been cut into thicker slices.
  • When the bacon is finished, place it on a paper towel to ensure that the fat gets absorbed.
  • Don't forget that you can reuse the bacon fat that accumulates in your pan later as cooking oil.  In particular, bacon fat is great to use in stews or in meat sautes to provide an extra dimension of meaty flavor.
  • Don't forget that you can lay pieces of bacon flat in a shallow baking dish to cook in the oven.  Remember to set your timer to check on your bacon or to pull it out when it has reached your desire crisping level.

With the advice from this article, you should be turning out delicious and perfectly cooked strips.  With practice, you can cook bacon perfectly.

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