You may be making foccacia in Tuscany or Coq au Vin in a small village in France. You might decide to try your hand at one of the many Thai dishes in Asia or traditional English cuisine from the United Kingdom. These are just a few of the nations where you can experience a cooking holiday.

A cooking holiday has a great atmosphere, you can taste what you have made and you have time to explore the surroundings. The environment in which you are cooking is usually laid-back, friendly and not that of an industrial kitchen with a lot of shouting and screaming from your head chef. It is not confined to the kitchen. There will be plenty of time out to smell the roses.

Learn about the traditions, passions and cuisine from the chef of the school. You will get more attention as the schools accommodate small groups. Be sure to arrange travel insurance before you go because this is not provided in the package.

French cuisine


There are some foods need extra attention. Bread-making is one of those things. You will see how the whole process works and then you will discover it for yourself, making everything from foccacia to a loaf of sourdough. You will soon become a professional bread baker in your own home.

The most popular destinations, of course would be Italy and France. Listed are recommended schools.

Cook in France

The Dordogne Region

One of the things the students love about the schools in general is that there is no washing up. You will experience a typical French market once a week. All levels are covered on this course. Beginners to Advanced are all welcome to the school. You will learn to cook in true French style using only the finest French ingredients. When you are not cooking you will be exploring. The sites around the region of Sarlat where the school is situated will be shown off.

Cook in Italy

An incredibly popular destination for cooking holidays. A lot of people go to Italy just to sample the food. You will be cooking traditional cuisine from different regions in Italy. There are also different courses you can choose from in different parts in Italy. It is a well-established cooking school with knowledgeable staff. There are courses that last three to four days or a week. There are even courses that educate you about the markets as you go out shopping. There are lots of different schools in Italy so it is a good idea to do some research.


Here are some other worthwhile cooking destinations that you might want to consider


A very special cooking experience on Poros Island close to the beach. The chef is passionate about food and cooking. You will learn all about Greek style cooking and the ingredients associated with the cuisine. The school provides close supervision and a holiday with a difference.


India is so diverse with different types of cuisine coming from different areas. The fishermen on the coast is a different culture to the Indians in the Himalayas. A cooking school usually takes place on the beach in a beautiful location surrounded by palm trees.


Experience culinary tours on the Galilee, tasting different flavours which are unique to the area. You can also learn about the history and the culture of this special land at the same time.


Fresh ingredients are a feature of Mexico with fruits, vegetables and spices standing out strong. A popular one-week cooking holiday in Mexico, making typical cuisine of the country


This cooking school has ideal surroundings, situated on the beach. The menu is mainly based on seafood and vegetables. The instructor is an experienced Thai chef. The surroundings are relaxed, laid-back and beautiful.

United Kingdom

Rosemary Shrager is one of Britain's celebrity chefs. She broadcast on television and has cookery school which is very well known in Yorkshire.