There are so many different reasons why people use the internet today. People manage their bank accounts online, trade stocks online, send emails, and join social media websites on a regular basis. All of these tasks should result in the user deleting their browser history when they are finished. This is infinitely more important if the computer they are using is in a public location that other people can access!

No matter if you are on the work computer, the library, or at a friend's house, when you use the web you are potentially offering up private information and data that you need to ensure is kept private. To do this, you need to learn how to delete your browser's history and ensure your footprints on the web are erased.

It may not seem like a big deal to leave your browsing history for the next user, but in fact it offers a profile of you as a person. Visiting personal website, what your search terms were on search engines, where you bank, where you read and spend your time. All of this forms a background that you as a person should try to keep private. The only way to keep your browsing history private is to learn how to delete your browser history.

Okay now that you understand why you should be in the habit of doing this, here is what you should remember to do. It only takes a few extra minutes before you close the browser each time.

Go to your Start menu on your desktop and navigate to the Settings option. Select the link for Control Panel and search the different icons until you find the option for Internet Options. Double click the option which should present you with a popup window. Navigate to the General Tab and you should see an option called Clear History within the history box of the General Tab.

Select the Clear History option and then select OK within the popup window. You will get prompted a confirmation box to confirm if you want to delete all items in your history folder and you should select OK to this popup. When you are done select OK in the bottom of the General popup form that you are on and you should be navigated back to where you were you started.

Depending on how long it has been since you last deleted your internet browser history this may take a few minutes but you should get in the habit of doing this often and if using a public computer you should do this after every use to keep your personal information private.