Most of us have our own choice of hairstyles that we want to wear. Some would go for the shaggy look. Others dig the super straight hair. There are girls who enjoy pixie cuts. Some men don't mind sporting long hair. Has it ever happened to you wherein you got a hair cut that you didn't like or that there was a mistake cutting some parts of your hair? If it can still be fixed by a redo, then that would be fine. But there are those folks who prefer growing back the hair first before fixing it up.

If you are one of those people and you are faced with that particular situation, what you need to do is learn five effective tips to make your hair grow faster. The faster the hair growth, the quicker your hair can be fixed so you should pay attention to the following ideas:

Tip#1: Proper diet and regular exercise

Healthy hair is known to grow faster. However, how can it grow as quickly as possible if you aren't eating nutritious foods and if you aren't taking care of your body? Some people may not see the connection but come to think of it. When you don't live a healthy lifestyle, most of your bodily functions will be affected and that includes hair growth as well. Try to learn what healthy foods can facilitate faster hair growth and always keep your body in tiptop shape.

Tip#2: Enough rest and sleep

Aside from diet and exercise, getting plenty of rest and sleeping enough will help your body function normally and part of those bodily functions is none other than hair growth. If you want to grow your hair as fast as possible, you should make sure you got these first two tips covered. You should get enough rest alongside proper diet and regular exercise.

Tip#3: Hair vitamins or supplements

A lot of people would like to make their hair grow faster for various reasons. This is why certain products that are promising to offer hair vitamins which can contribute to faster hair growth are being made and distributed in the recent years. But it's still best to go for the natural route. Don't you know that numerous fresh fruits and vegetables can give you the right amount of vitamins and minerals like iron for your hair?

Tip#4: Alternative shampoo routine

It's given that most individuals shampoo their hair everyday. But one great suggestion in making your hair grow longer in a short amount of time is by alternating your shampoo routine. What this means is for you to shampoo every other day instead of everyday. This is so natural oils present in your hair don't get washed away too often. Those natural oils also contribute to faster hair growth, you know.

Tip#5: Scalp massage from time to time

You should treat yourself for a scalp massage every now and then. It is known to improve the circulation of blood in your head that may foster quicker hair growth. It can also help you relax for a while. Check if the nearest salon offers this kind of service.