Costa Rica is being touted as one of the best places to visit and live in Latin America. Tourism is growing rapidly in the country and much of its economic growth has been sustained because of this rapid growth of infrastructure and business. In the wake of such a situation, it is only quite natural to think of buying Costa Rican real estate. Unless you are residing in that country, chances are high that you might be clueless about the entire model since it can be very different from the US and Canada. Of course, with proper searching and poking here and there, one will be able to find some of the information pertaining to this field.

One of the best sources with the help of whom you will be able to learn about Costa Rica real estate are the realty agents themselves. While you are in the country, many of these agents will approach you primarily on the streets. Business is lucrative for them and people who are occupying the lower part of this chain will be roaming the streets looking for that prospective client. They will put many unbelievable deals forth. The only advice in this scenario is never to fall for them... there may be a reason they are not sitting in a fancy office waiting for you to come to them.

Your best resource for finding the very best realtor will be with the help of the internet. Just enter the term "Costa Rica real estate" and you will be greeted with many results. The next task is to go through the offers that are being provided by each of them. You will be amazed to see that for the same piece of property, agents will be quoting different rates and this will induce more confusion in your mind. Confront the agent and demand an explanation for the same. The can be done much easier with the help of friends, who have already invested on Costa Rica real estate. In order to make these friends there are many online communities where you can meet up and discuss investing and living abroad with those who have actually done it.

Here are some tips that need to be considered in context with real estate in the country: The prices are known to vary according to the region in question. Suppose a region is known to be most favored by the tourists, then the rates will automatically increase. This phenomenon can be found widespread in the country. With the help of a real estate agent, one will be able to know the real value of the property and in most of the cases you will be able to gain control of the property by paying a fraction of what was advertised.

The rates are on the higher side for areas overlooking the ocean. People are known to pay a premium for a stunning ocean view. If you can live without a view of the ocean, then you might be surprised at how reasonable real estate can be in Costa Rica. Remember, the beach is usually only minutes away no matter where you are. You will have to use a bit of common sense while proceeding with the purchasing decision. Remember that knowledge is power, and you are the one in control the whole time. Good bargains can be found if you know where to search for and whom to meet.

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