Every Experience is a learning opportunity for growth. Some spiritual leaders believe we are here to experience in life because the fastest way to grow spiritually is through pain. The body is the vehicle of the spirit. The body gives us the ability of feel. In the spiritual plane or astro plane there is no pain, so we are here on the physical plane to experience feelings and to grow spiritually from them. In the astro plane where some believe we came from, there is no pain, stress, or sadness, but a much higher knowledge of self. Some of us look in the mirror and think what meets the eye is all or who they are, but the truth is what meets the eye is only the vehicle or temple of who you really are. If this is true then one could assume we choose to incarnate to acquire and experience karma to grow spiritually. If so, then when we pass away we're going to take all memories, wisdom, and knowledge gained with us. You won't forget everything you learn as soon as you die, so human beings should take advantage of time here. Are we here for a purpose? Maybe life is not a pointless journey to the grave, and that's it. Is life is a choice made, do we know before we get here that we can grow more rapidly on the physical plane. If we are just as much spirit as we are body, then spiritual knowledge is so important because it's part of us. We are spiritual beings whether we know it or not. The purpose of spiritual practice is to attain self realization. Self realization is self liberation, to better understand yourself is freeing. Freeing yourself from the ego that controls us through our false identification with it. There are some who completely depend on our spiritual leaders, school teachers or religious leaders to give knowledge and wisdom of self or spirit. Knowledge fulfills in a way that some say feels like being feed after being hungry. Knowledge of self is food for the soul and realize there is more to you than what meets the eye. There are blockages to stunt spiritual growth. Blockages include emotions like hate, anger, fear of failure, greed, jealousy, envy, and blame. Your manifesting everything you experience, everything you send out comes right back to you. When this is understood we begin to control what we are putting out. If you put out hate, you'll soon get hate. If you put out love and positive thoughts, you'll get it back. Knowledge is power, and knowledge grounded in wisdom is more powerful. Experts suggest replacing your blockages with feelings of trust, and faith without fear. Do away the blame. The poor me syndrome is used to gain sympathy, or energy from a source outside of self. Forgiveness is to let go a move forward, forgiveness is to help the person forgiving let go and move on. If you haven't let it go, then you haven't completely forgiven. Control dramas like lying, cheating, stealing, and blockages like hate or anger are used by the ego to gain energy from out side yourself, sucking it from another being. One person leaves a argument feeling good and the other feels depleted, drained. You have to gain control and put control out to get control back. When you understand your inner self, than you begin to operate in love or positively. We suffer through our circumstances, and let our circumstance determine our inner weather from a lack of understanding.