Which Way Do I Go





There are times in life where learning from your mistakes would have been nice but it just didn't happen. You made the same mistake again and again.

For some reason, human beings are prone to repeating the actions that cause them distress. A boy will fall from a tree and immediately climb the same tree.

A girl will break up with her boyfriend in order to get together with someone just as bad for her. People will quit a job they can't stand, only to immediately seek employment in the same field.

Seeking answers to these tendencies lends credit to the conclusion that as a society, people repeat bad choices for some unknown reason.

Is this a habit we learn or is it already within us as a subconscious occurrence? Either way the solution lies in realization of the problem.

This assumption takes us to the need to correct this problem. Mistakes Can Cause A HeadacheIf you happen to see someone making the same mistake for a second time, for god's sake stop them.

It becomes the duty of each of us to help one another avert disaster for a second time. Obviously we're not capable of making a rational decision ourselves and intervention is required to save the day..

Most of the time an individual making a mistake for the second time, subconsciously knows it's the wrong move.

There must be some preoccupation with the familiarity of the event. People in general hate change.

Repetitive behavior is at least familiar. Doing something different can produce a different result and this can cause anxiety. We repeat the same actions because we're comfortable knowing what the results will be.

Unfortunately this is completely non productive and a detriment to any success in life. The mistakes in life are lessons. Take each one and learn from it. Immediately erase the mistake.

Big Mistakes Take it completely out of your head. Come up with a new way to accomplish whatever it was that you were doing when the mistake happened.

Learning from your mistakes must be an ongoing endeavor to improve yourself and the world around you. Failing to do so will slow progress in life by doubling the time it takes to succeed at anything attempted.

Remember your mistakes in this way. Consciously enter the results, of the better way you figured out the second time around. Never settle for the method that failed, there is a better way, find it and learn from your mistakes. This must be the first thing you accomplish, on the road to doing things right.