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Many people are familiar with the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This instills the understanding that people should eat one apple each day, or keep a healthy diet at all times, in order to avoid having to visit the doctor, or getting sick. However, there is no such rhyme for how to brush your teeth and avoid visiting the dentist.


A dentist is a professional doctor whose focus in on teeth. Every person should visit the dentist at least two times per year in order to receive a check up. This check up is to make sure that there are no major cavities or other dental problems. The process is quite simple. However, if the dentist does encounter problems with the patients, then they must schedule another appointment to fix the problem. Fixing it might be something like a filling, or a root canal. In any case, it is best to avoid having to visit the dentist for something which is not routine if possible. To do this, children and adults need to know how to brush your teeth.


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Teaching children how to brush their teeth is an important part of growing up. When they are old enough to take care of themselves even in little matters, they are old enough to learn how to brush your teeth properly. They should be taught that brushing their teeth requires a toothbrush, toothpaste and water. They should be shown how much toothpaste is needed and to squeeze the toothpaste out from the bottom to the top. This is important because otherwise the children will generally make messes from squeezing out too much of the toothpaste. After this they need to know how to brush your teeth with the right amount of water. It is unnecessary to keep the water running the entire time, but it is nice to get the toothbrush wet when they first apply the toothpaste.


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Knowing how to brush your teeth to remove all plaque and residue and leave them shiny and nice and healthy. This begins by taking the toothbrush and working in circular motions. The teeth should be brushed from the gums to the ends of the teeth, then brushing the bottom. This should be followed by brushing from the bottom around to the back, and all the way up to gums. The children should ensure that they brush from the very back of their teeth all the way to the front of their teeth, with not a single tooth left un-brushed. It is important that children are taught to spit out the toothpaste once they are done and then rinse their mouths, and spit that out.


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For adults the brushing should take place in the same manner, and be followed by flossing between each of their teeth to remove any excess residue or plaque between the teeth and the gums.


Knowing how to brush your teeth properly is the best way to avoid unnecessary dental care and bills. Children and adults should brush their teeth in much the same manner.