Underarm hyperhidrosis is a problem that has been around for awhile. Many people suffer from bad smelling sweat that has been produced by the armpit sweat ducts. When you suffer from a sweating disorder, your sweat glands are very active and cause your armpits to sweat more than what occurs in the normal person. At times, a person suffering from a sweating disorder could sweat twice as much as the normal person.

This kind of disorder can cause severe embarrassment in social situations, because the smell from the excessive sweat can be very bad. To fight off the bad odor, an aluminum chloride rich antiperspirant would be great choice for someone dealing with excessive sweat. You should always wear deodorant and search for natural methods in your search to learning how to stop underarm sweating.

Washing a couple of times per day will help you feel fresher and keep you germ free. The problem with sweat is that it causes bacteria to build up on your body, causing odor issues. To control odor, it is very important for you to control odor.

After taking a shower, you should make it a habit to dry yourself off before applying antiperspirants to your underarms. After applying the deodorant, let it dry before you finally put on your clothes.

You should try removing unnecessary body hair. Try shaving or waxing your underarm hair regularly. Longer hairs opens up sweat pores, which will cause you to sweat more. If your sweat pores are opening up, then you are going to sweat more. This will cause body odor issues.

Using lemon extract before applying the antiperspirant roll on or spray on your armpit is going be perfect! Lemon will help neutralize bacteria in the armpit area thus allowing the deodorant to fight off odor better.

These are simple yet effective natural methods of how to stop underarm sweating. These are cheap, effective, and certainly not risky methods to reducing body odor.

If you have a severe sweating problem, then you may want to consider visiting your doctor. There are many reasons for excessive sweating and one reason could be due to a severe medical condition. There are sweating related diseases that may endanger your life without proper diagnosis. Sweating problems may actually be just a side effect of other illnesses like diabetes, thyroid issues, and heart problems. Make sure you visit your doctor to evaluate these symptoms.

Your health is not something to be taken for granted. Be alert, conscious, and knowledgeable about your health condition. The simple steps above are helpful for those with no medically linked sweating disorders. So if you're afraid that there is a greater reason why sweat too much, ask a doctor about your problems.