Learning Italian for Free

The musical sound of Italian makes it a very appealing language to learn for many people throughout the world. The easiest and most efficient way to learn any foreign language is with a private tutor, or group lessons. For many, the costs of these lessons are discouraging enough to keep people from attempting to learn. There are many resources that are available online that can help you lean to speak Italian for free. Let's take a look at some of the options that are available, and how you begin learning Italian for free.

Free Online Italian Dictionary

One of the most important resources that you want to find is a good dictionary. One tip that I would give for learning to speak Italian is to read as many Italian language books and articles as you can. This will help you develop your vocabulary. Begin with children's books, and build from there. If you follow this advice, then you will need a quality dictionary because you will definitely come across words that you do not know. Dizionari.corriere.it has one of the best online Italian to English dictionaries that I have discovered. You should be able to find most of the words that you may come across, and the best part about this dictionary is that it is free.

If you don't mind spending a little money, you can buy physical dictionaries from Amazon. Be sure to read the reviews before investing money though, because not all dictionaries are created equal. Larousse and Oxford both make quality dictionaries, and you can find them for pretty cheap.

Italian Verb Practice Tool

Another important element that you need to master when learning to speak Italian, or any language for that matter, is the verbs. Without being able to use verbs, you cannot explain any type of action that you or anybody else is performing. They are the backbone of all languages, and you will not be able to communicate without them. Italian verbs usually follow patterns, so they are much easier to master than English verbs are. There are irregular Italian verbs, so you will have to remember those, but it isn't that hard once you start adding more verbs to your vocabulary. Verbs-online is a great tool for practicing verb conjugation. It covers both regular and irregular verbs.

Italian Lessons for Free

Another resource to help you learn Italian for free is Italianizeyourself.com. This is my website, and it attempts to mimic the communicative method that many universities are using today, but in an online environment. The goal of Italianize Yourself is to help you learn how to speak Italian by hearing and seeing the language, but without lengthy grammatical explanations. We believe that you will be able to learn more effectively by figuring out the language, rather than just being told all of the rules.

An alternative to online lessons is language software. The prices range from $20 all the up to over $500. Bear in mind that price does not always dictate quality, and be sure to read reviews before committing to purchasing software. I believe that in most cases it can't be returned unless there is something wrong with the product.


So, there are three resources that you can find for free to help you learn to speak Italian. Youtube is also another great source of language video lessons that are free. There are many videos that were made to teach you Italian if you look. If you use these, and find some Italian language literature to help you expand your vocabulary, you will be speaking Italian in no time. Just keep studying, and don't give up. You're the key to your own success.