Meditation MP3s(64230)Credit: you want to improve yourself in an manabeable way that isn't overly time-consuming? You should look into a new technology known as Binaural Beats. This article will help you understand exactly how binaural beats function and interact with your brain as well as the potential benifits and risks that may come from using it. 

First, some information on how the brain works and details on different brain states. 

  1. Beta - oscillates at speed of 14-30 wave cycles per second; this is a state of complete alertness. It is characterized by high concentration, "one-track" thoughts, and higher cognition.
  2. Alpha - oscillates at a speed of 8-13 wave cycles per second; this is a state of relaxation but it actually gives you a higher level of awareness. Because of this, the alpha state helps users reduce stress, visualize ideas, and find creative solutions to problems. 
  3. Theta - oscillates at a speed of 4-7 wave cycles per second; this is the deepest level of relaxation that you can achieve without physically sleeping where you still retain a level of consciousness. It is characterized by feelings of "floating" and is considered the best state for meditation, learning/memory retention, and behavior modification. 
  4. Delta - oscillates at a speed of less than 4 cycles per second; this is the deepest level of relaxation that occurs naturally when you reach a level of deep sleep where all conscious awareness is gone and dreams occur. It is characterized by dreaming and detached awareness and can be used for healing the body and mind and/or regeneration (which is why sleep gives you energy). 
Binaural beats work through auditory stimulation of the brain. By definition, binaural beats are patterns of specific frequencies that commune with your natural brain wave frequencies in such a way that allows you to reach different brain states, which allow for relaxation, concentration, healing, stress reduction, and more. Many meditation beginners take advantage of these new audio technologies. They use it to reach a state of meditation quickly and easily so that they won't expend all of their energy and concentration too fast.