You need to put some extra attention towards learning more about freelance and the industry as a whole when a statistical report shows that three out of five business leaders find it difficult to run their business without freelancers. Very few other job markets or industries can confirm such financial freedom and stability as the freelance marketplace. There is no way to deny the impact of freelancing on the global economy. You have every reason to count the freelance marketplace and its contribution to the overall job market by many different means. You may need to rethink about the freelance market when some research has shown that almost 62% of business leaders have considered this industry as the most appropriate way of doing the work and getting the work done. More than 1.4 million freelancers have contributed £21 billion to the United Kingdom’s economy.

We have just witnessed a global economic crisis. Many individuals and business entities have considered outsourcing as the appropriate means to get jobs done while spending less money on it. Overhead expenditure has now become a key financial issue to many businesses. Many people are now considering freelancing as their full time profession. 39% of them are now earning more from freelancing than in their previous full time jobs. This figure indicates a significant impact on the economy, as people are getting financially independent. A gender based analysis has showed that 43% of men have experienced an increase in their income while working as a freelancer. The same thing is true for 37% of female freelancers.

Freelance industry now has the talent and job posting for almost every profession. 45% of freelance professionals have an average earning of $20 to $59 per hour. These hourly earnings increase to $80 or more for 26% of freelance professionals. 17% of them are now earning $100 or more per hour. Such an income rate is more than the salary of many full time jobs. This is how the freelance industry and marketplace has its impact on the global economy.

23.6% of freelance professionals have not faced any impact of the downturn of the global economy. 28% of them have felt very minor or minimal impact. These are the turning points, which have made the freelance marketplace as the most popular and reliable industry in recent time. These findings have made 36.5% of freelance professionals feel extremely optimistic about the future of their freelance involvement. The economic impact of freelance industry is very high, with several online freelance marketplaces showing regular annual transactions of several million dollars. Freelance industry is not limited to just the scope of these online based freelance marketplaces. Freelance professionals have sourced work from different social networking sites and other online job marketplaces as well.

Many people are now getting financially stable by working as a freelance professional. Freelancing gives many individuals a better way to earn a living. These freelance professionals have more purchasing power and roll out more money which has a positive impact over the global economy.