A Quick Review of Using Rosetta Stone

Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone Review – Level 1

Rosetta Stone is a self-pace multimedia language learning system that you’ll find for sale almost everywhere. Not only does it have a brilliant radio ad campaign, which is what got my attention a year or so ago, but you can now find it in Mall and Airport kiosks, online and in bookstores all over America. With a staggering 31 languages available to date, you can find everything from Arabic to Welsh. There are even 2 versions of the Spanish language programs, one for Spain and one for Latin America. The Spanish spoken in Spain is very different from that spoken in countries like Colombia and Ecuador, so make sure you select the right one. Since I’m writing from Florida, with a large Latin American population and travel mostly the Southeastern US, the latter version made sense.  The Latin America version of the package also made sense because my daughter was about to launch the Central American leg of her solo-travel adventure and she would need the language skills.

You can find records of her adventure at www.jasminewanders.com. She's now fluent in Spanish.

Set up is simple; load the CD into your computer and run it just like any other program. You will need a microphone and speakers as the interactive portion is what really sets Rosetta Stone apart. I highly recommend you also purchase a headset with microphone.

The coursework is divided up into many chapters, just like a Spanish textbook. Each section follows logically from the next. It’s a building process that not only increases your vocabulary as you go, but your pronunciation as well. For example, they will show a photo of a man and the word “hombre” will appear above it. Then the software will say “hombre” and ask you to repeat it. At the end of a section you are given a score and the opportunity to repeat the areas in need of improvement.

The course also will periodically force a review. It keeps track of the last time you logged in, and if it’s been awhile will prompt you to repeat exercises or tests from previous sections. Similar prompts appear regularly anyway to ensure your knowledge doesn’t get stale as you move through the program.  

Eventually the program moves you through numbers, colors, and greetings and gradually into entire conversations. You end up providing the voice over for slide shows that depict typical family life or business scenes. Very satisfying!

I recommend Rosetta Stone if you have the time, patience and desire to learn another language.